Aristocrat Leisure Appoints New Executive Team

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Aristocrat Leisure

Gaming machine maker Aristocrat Leisure has announced a new executive team, and the retirement of two current senior executives.

Aristocrat chief executive officer Jamie Odell said the new team would strengthen the company in key areas ready for a business transformation program.

"The new team ensures the right people, with the optimum skills and industry experience, will be in place to oversee the development and execution of Aristocrats business transformation strategy," Mr Odell said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The team I'm announcing today significantly increases our bench strength in the critical areas of technology, strategic project management and marketing," he said.

"This will underpin our work to become a truly player-led, technology-driven business with a much sharper focus on key markets and value drivers.

"I am confident that we now have the right structure and the optimum blend of skills, industry experience and external perspectives to ensure we will be successful in executing our plans to lift performance to meet our potential and the expectations of our stakeholders."

Mr Odell said finalising the executive team was "an early but significant step in our plans to grow our business and create long-term sustainable shareholder value".

The new team includes a mix of existing executives and new appointments.

As a result of the changes, Aristocrat's incumbent chief financial officer, finance director and company secretary, Simon Kelly, will leave the business on July 31, and its executive general manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Rob McLoughlin, will retire on October 31. 

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