Brandon Aiyuk Trade Odds

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Tyrone Black
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Is Brandon Aiyuk on the block or not?


It seems like every day there's a fresh rumor contradicting the prior day's rumor that Aiyuk is/isn't going to be traded. has set "next team" odds on the 49ers' top wideout, just in case he's dealt at some point. There are odds for 31 teams below.

The rumors grew legs after Aiyuk unfollowed the team on social media over the weekend amid a contract stand-off.

"I'm trying to get what I deserve," Aiyuk said. "I feel like this season, this season playing football, I figured out who I was as a person and a player, what I bring to the table, what I bring to the locker room, what I bring to the organization. And just the value I hold when I walk in that building."

In the early wagering, the Patriots have moved from 16/1 to 6/1 and the Bills have gone from 20/1 to 12/1.

Brandon Aiyuk Next Team

Pittsburgh Steelers                    2/1

Carolina Panthers                      6/1

New England Patriots                6/1

Arizona Cardinals                      7/1

Los Angeles Chargers                9/1

Buffalo Bills                              12/1

New York Giants                       12/1

Kansas City Chiefs                     12/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                   14/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers              16/1

Cincinnati Bengals                     18/1

Washington Commanders         25/1

Atlanta Falcons                         25/1

Baltimore Ravens                      25/1

Las Vegas Raiders                      25/1

Chicago Bears                           33/1

Cleveland Browns                     33/1

Los Angeles Rams                      33/1

Minnesota Vikings                     33/1

Seattle Seahawks                      33/1

New Orleans Saints                   40/1

New York Jets                           40/1

Philadelphia Eagles                   40/1

Tennessee Titans                      40/1

Dallas Cowboys                         50/1

Denver Broncos                        50/1

Indianapolis Colts                      50/1

Miami Dolphins                         50/1

Detroit Lions                             75/1

Green Bay Packers                    75/1

Houston Texans                        75/1

- Tyrone Black,

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