Banner Display, Creatives and Listings

We understand that some advertising partners are looking to maximize results primarily through banner/creative placement and representation on the website by being featured in sections such as our Online Poker Rooms page, Sportsbook page and Online Casino page. 

Objectives could include ensuring that promotional offers and creative are constantly updated.

Content inclusion is available for this type of campaign, however, it is limited and encourages ad sponsors to produce their own content and press releases as opposed to focusing on G911 internally produced content. 

Now Let’s Determine Your Budget/Ad Spend Capabilities: 

Please Note:  Multiple brand advertising qualifies for discounts.  All ad deals are for a minimum period of 6 months.  All ad deals quoted in US Dollars, however, we do accept payment in Euros.  We do not accept affiliate deals (i.e. percentage of losses, CPA, etc…)

Limited Budget – Ad Spend Not Much More Than $10,000 Over a 6 Month Period – This package is geared towards ad partners looking primarily for geo-targeting of specific regions.  Banner inventory may be capped.  Search engine optimization and featured links/banners within content produced in-house by will typically not be available for this type of spend.  Publication of ad partner produced press releases and other content is available for this campaign with no established cap.  Note that reserves its right to withhold publication of content deemed as either inappropriate or conflicting with other published material.  Duplicate content and that which is deemed as “spamming” also will not be accepted.  Max 1 ad partner produced releases/articles per day.  Contact Us Here Regarding This Ad Package

Maximized Budget – Ad Spend of $13,500 and Up Over a 6 Month Period – Maximized banner exposure, higher page placements for banners/buttons/reviews/promos.  Unlimited ad partner produced press releases and content.  Some exposure in internally produced content in order to maximize SEO (search engine rankings).  High level of banner inventory.    Contact Us Here Regarding This Ad Package


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