NC State Wolfpack vs Purdue Boilermakers Both Teams Scoring 65 Plus Points Payout Odds at BetUS

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Don Shapiro
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  • The payout if both teams do NOT score over 65 points is $166 on a $100 wager.

  • In the last three years at least one team in the Final Four has failed to cross over the 65 point threshold.

  • Neither NC State or Purdue have scored under 65 points in each of their last ten games.

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BetUS has both teams scoring more than 65 points in the NC State vs. Purdue Final Four game as the -228 favorite.  The payout should one or both teams fail to reach this number would be $166 for every $100 wagered.

Purdue scores an average 83.8 points per game while keeping their opponents at 69.4.

NC State scores an average of 81.9 points per game while opponents score 70.5.

Based on these numbers one would anticipate both teams to go Over the 65 number and -228 isn't that bad a price in the whole scheme of things when it looks on the surface to be a "lock".

But what about the closer picture?

Head to Head NC State vs. Purdue Scoring Results

These teams last met in 2021.  Obviously the makeup for both is completely different now.

Purdue and NC State scored more than 65 points but this was the result of overtime...sort of.  

It turns out the game ended in regulation with the teams tied 66-66.

You have to go back seven years prior to when these teams played one another and Purdue managed to win by guessed it....66 points.

Both teams did not score above 65 points in that game however.  NC State finished with 61 points.

Final Four Scoring Over 65 Points

In last year's two Final Four games, only one had both teams scoring above the 65: Florida Atlantic vs. San Diego State. 

Those two teams scored over 70 points.  In face, FAU totaled 71 while both UConn and SDSU hit 72.

Miami stayed under that number with 59 points scored.

In 2022, Villanova failed to go over 65 by falling exactly on that number. 

Houston only hit 59 points in its Final Four game against Baylor the year prior.

Based on recent Final Four games it's easy to see why betting both teams to go over 65 is far from a "lock".

Recent Performance

So how about each team's performance in recent games versus their respective opponents?

Looking at this alone, you'd be inclined to believe the over 65 points scored would be a "lock".

NC State, after all, has scored 67 or more points in all of its last ten games.  Purdue has done the same (more than 67).

All but one of the Boilermakers opponents have scored under 65 points during that span.

The Tar Heels have actually kept four of their opponents to 65 or fewer points.  But Purdue is not just any opponent and, indeed, they are the -9 point favorite here.

- Don Shapiro,

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