Betsson Blacklisted!

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Betsson on Thursday made a bit of history, and not in a good way.


The gambling company became the first to be blacklisted by the Finland government, per  Heikki Koivula, Head of Compliance for Legal Gaming Attorneys at Law.

"As of today, BETSSON Group's company BML Group Ltd has been placed on the BLACKLISTED IN FINLAND, and all banks, payment service providers, and virtual currency providers are obliged to block all money transfers from Finland to BML.

"With this, BML made history by becoming the first MGA licensed operator to be placed on the blacklist. As of this moment, this information has not been published elsewhere, but it will soon hit headlines as the NPB has now updated their blacklist online.

"This was a consequence of BML losing a court battle against the National Police Board on February 19, 2024. For our retainers, we provided information on the developments and in-depth analysis in real-time as things unfolded."

Betsson Group’s 14 owned brands, including Betsson, Star Casino and Betsafe, are also specifically listed.

The company is said to have advertised in Finland without approval via affiliate websites, and blog writings, podcasts and video podcasts

Providers that fail to comply with this order face government penalties and sanctions.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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