Domain Auction Yields Just $8300

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Aaron Goldstein
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Someone let the domain registration lapse and now there is an auction ongoing.  As of Wednesday, the high demand domain name has resulted in a high bid of just $8300 bid thus far.


How the Auction Works

What you need to know about the auction:

  • This Auction is public.
  • The high bidder wins the domain.
  • Any bid placed within the last 5 minutes will extend the end time to 5 minutes remaining.

Auctions are open for 3 days and end at 1 p.m. Mountain Time.

Depending on the current max bid of a given auction, bids will be incremented by specific amounts. Here is the current structure for bid increments:

$0-$99: $5 bid increments
$100-$199: $10 bid increments
$200-$499: $20 bid increments
$500 to $999: $50 bid increments
$1000 to $4999: $100 bid increments
$5000 to $9999: $250 bid increments
$10000 to $24999: $500 bid increments
$25000 to $49999: $1000 bid increments
$50000 and up: $2500 bid increments
Winning an Auction

DropCatch auctions are public. Any DropCatch verified auction user may participate in the auction. The highest bidder of an auction will win ownership of the domain.

Does Have Value?

Today's offshore sportsbook operators have mostly moved to other country extensions over the past decade, making .com domains less in demand.  For search, however, this domain name would bring about instant gratification as the term "Bet On Sports" is one of the most popular and regularly searched. was once among the largest offshore sportsbooks. BetonSports plc was a British online gambling company operating out of Costa Rica founded by Brooklyn-born Gary Kaplan in 1995. It stopped operating in 2006 after the arrest of its CEO, David Carruthers.

The company once used a massive Greyhound-sized bus decked out in the company's name to travel the streets of Manhattan and park in stadiums throughout the U.S.  Individuals were brought onto the bus to open betting accounts.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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