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Just about every 2024 NFL mock draft has Marvin Harrison Jr. being selected somewhere within the first 3-5 picks.

sportsbettingnews.gif has set odds for each of the 32 teams as the Ohio State wideout's stock continues to rise coming off an 8-catch, 163-yard performance (1 TD) against Maryland last week.

Skill-player hungry teams are at the top of the list with the Bears, Panthers and Cardinals pegged with the lowest odds. You can find the full list below.

Additionally, there are fresh odds on the future of Bill Belichick. With the Patriots mightily struggling this season, many are wondering if Belichick could finally call it a career.

But the odds strongly suggest Belichick will be back in the hoodie and roaming the Foxboro sidelines next season.

Other props below include double MVP, potential records by Christian McCaffrey and the 49ers, the Eagles' and Niners' streaks and more.

Which team will draft Marvin Harrison Jr.?                                          

Chicago Bears                           3/1                  

Carolina Panthers                      5/1                  

Arizona Cardinals                      6/1                  

Denver Broncos                        7/1                  

Indianapolis Colts                      7/1                  

Houston Texans                        10/1                

New England Patriots                10/1                

Minnesota Vikings                     12/1                

New York Giants                       12/1                

Washington Commanders         14/1                

Atlanta Falcons                         16/1                

Los Angeles Rams                      16/1                

Las Vegas Raiders                      18/1                

Los Angeles Chargers                18/1                

New York Jets                           18/1                

Tennessee Titans                      18/1                

Tampa Bay Buccaneers              20/1                

Cleveland Browns                     22/1                

Seattle Seahawks                      25/1                

New Orleans Saints                   28/1                

Buffalo Bills                              33/1                

Cincinnati Bengals                     33/1                

Green Bay Packers                    33/1                

Pittsburgh Steelers                    33/1                

Baltimore Ravens                      40/1                

Dallas Cowboys                         40/1                

Jacksonville Jaguars                   40/1                

Philadelphia Eagles                   40/1                

San Francisco 49ers                   40/1                

Detroit Lions                             50/1                

Kansas City Chiefs                     50/1                

Miami Dolphins                         50/1                


Bill Belichick Job in 2024                                              

Patriots Head Coach                              1/3                   (-300)

Retired                                                 2/1                  

Head Coach any other NFL Team           7/1                  


Player to be named regular season MVP and Super Bowl MVP                                     

Brock Purdy                  12/1                

Patrick Mahomes          16/1                

Tua Tagovailoa              25/1                

Jalen Hurts                   28/1                

Josh Allen                     33/1                


Will Christian McCaffrey break LT's consecutive games TD record?                                           

No                    1/4                   (-400)

Yes                   5/2                   (+250)


Will 49ers break the Colts' regular season win streak record?                                       

Yes                   14/1                


Will 49ers go 17-0 in 2023?                                          

Yes                   25/1    


How long will 49ers win streak last?

Over/Under 8.5 games


Will Eagles go 17-0 in 2023?                                         

Yes                   33/1    


How long will Eagles win streak last?

Over/Under 8 games                


Will Panthers go 0-17 in 2023?                                     

Yes                   28/1                


When will Panthers get first victory?                                        

CAR Panthers vs HOU Texans (Week 8)              +175                

CAR Panthers vs IND Colts (Week 9)                   +250                

CAR Panthers @ CHI Bears (Week 10)                +400                

CAR Panthers @ MIA Dolphins (Week 6)            +625                

CAR Panthers @ TEN Titans (Week 12)               +1000              

CAR Panthers vs DAL Cowboys (Week 11)           +1000              

CAR Panthers @ TB Buccs (Week 13)                  +1200              

CAR Panthers @ NO Saints (Week 14)                +1400              

CAR Panthers vs ATL Falcons (Week 15)             +1600              

CAR Panthers vs GB Packers (Week 16)              +1800              

CAR Panthers @ JAX Jaguars (Week 17)              +2500              

CAR Panthers vs TB Buccs (Week 18)                  +2500  

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