Bet on Who Conor McGregor Fights Next - 2023-2024

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Apparently, Conor McGregor is going to fight everyone on his radar over the next few months.


There's been a recent KSI callout, unending Nate Diaz rumors (boxing/MMA), Justin Gaethje, Michael Chandler and more. Might as well throw a rematch with Floyd Mayweather on top just for fun.

No one really expects McGregor to fight anyone ever again as he's too busy making bank simply sitting around, and losses would only damage whatever reputation he has left.

However, we went ahead and posted some fun odds for the four fights that McGregor (and others) are teasing to take place sometime in the next decade.

Fight Odds

Michael Chandler +110

Conor McGregor -130


Conor McGregor +255  

Justin Gaethje -330


KSI +300

Conor McGregor -400

(Boxing only)


Nate Diaz +145

Conor McGregor -175

(Boxing or MMA)

- BetOnline News Wire

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