Bet on Benjamin Netanyahu to Step Down or Be Forced Out of Office

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now the co-favorite to be the next world leader to step down or be removed from office.


Netanyahu shares the favorite position with United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.  Both men come in at +125 odds for a payout potential of $125 on every $100 bet.

This week it was reported that Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz called on new elections this fall as domestic tensions heat up in the wake of the against Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Gantz said elections will “increase trust and unity” in Israel and “give us a huge international backing that is needed.”

A parliamentary system allows for a snap election in order to form a new government.

Slavakia First

BetOnline updated its political odds on Friday, including a non-U.S. standoff in Slovakia that will culminate Sunday. political analyst, Paul Krishnamurty, said that this Slovak presidential election "is very close, unpredictable."

Ivan Korcok started as the underdog to Peter Pellegrini, but is now the favorite based on poll momentum and exceeding expectations in the first round.

Biden, Trump and Vlad

The notable news in the U.S. General Election across global betting markets has been the surge for Joe Biden, as it appears almost certain he will be the Democratic nominee. After trailing Donald Trump for months in terms of odds probabilities, now shows them tied with -105 odds.

The bookmaker has also been offering "Next World Leader to Leave Post" odds for years. Benjamin Netanyahu is facing ever larger protests in Israel amid the Gaza war, and speculation that Rishi Sunak will be ousted in the UK before the elections is growing. Both now are favorites to leave next at +125 odds.

Finally, there are a couple of Vladimir Putin markets based on Krishnamurty's podcast interview with political writer Bob Gatty. You can find the Trump/Russia odds below, and the interview here

Latest Political Betting Odds

Next World Leader to Leave Position               

Benjamin Netanyahu     +125

Rishi Sunak                   +125

Volodymyr Zelenskyy    +800

Joe Biden                      +1000

Justin Trudeau              +1000

Nicolas Maduro            +4000

Alexsandr Lukashenko   +6500

Javier Milei                   +6500

Vladimir Putin               +6500

Xi Jinping                      +20000

Vladimir Putin Exit Date                       

2025                 +250

2030 or Later    +250

2026                 +350

2027                 +600

2028                 +800

2029                 +800

2024                 +1000 

Will Donald Trump criticize Vladimir Putin before June 30?

Yes       +400

No        -700

Slovakia Presidential Election

Ivan Korcok                   -150

Peter Pellegrini             +110

U.S. Presidential Election                     

Donald Trump Sr.          -105

Joe Biden                      -105

Michelle Obama            +2200

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.    +2200

Gavin Newsom              +3300

Kamala Harris               +3300

Gretchen Whitmer        +8000

Nikki Haley                   +8000

Hillary Clinton               +15000

Jamie Dimon                 +25000

Mark Cuban                  +25000

Liz Cheney                    +50000

- T.C. Jackson, Political Correspondent

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