WOOF! 2011 NBA Playoffs First Round Dogs Keep Holding Their Own

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Don Shapiro
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2011 NBA Playoffs First Round

Following Thursday night’s play, the 2011 NBA Playoffs underdogs have gone 13-5-1. 

The Indiana Pacers pushed with Chicago’s 4-point win, unable to do so Against the Spread (-4.5). 

The Miami Heat just managed to cover against Philadelphia on the road.

Dallas was actually a +5.5 underdog in Portland, but the Trailblazers managed to win by only 5 points. 

The end result for Thursday’s games was a wash for the most part, but anyone who has been playing the underdogs consistently throughout the first round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs are most definitely “in the money”.

We should note that Gambling911.com had a bit of a discrepancy with the record coming into Thursday night due to a close ATS game.  As a result, an additional dog was placed in the winning column, hence, the record is really 13-5-1 and not 12-16-1.

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- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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