San Antonio Spurs Favorites to Land CP3 If He Leaves Warriors

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Tyrone Black
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The San Antonio Spurs are the 2-1 favorites for Chris Paul (CP3) if he leaves the Warriors.


George is a free agent with plenty of teams interested in him.  He was asked this weekend for final-season thoughts regarding the San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama on his podcast.  Wembanyama was being considered as a potential Defensive Player of the Year this past season.

George claimed the Spurs should align their star with a "dynamic five" for long-term protection.

“The way he finished the year, I think it's scary for the league,” George said. "Because I think the way he finished the year was the momentum he needed going into the summer. It's just the personnel is not ready for all that he brings and his talents.

"Say, you had like a (Chris Paul) or a (Rajon) Rondo, those guys that just know basketball and know that this motherf***** is 7'5" like, 'Wemby go right there, I'mma throw this s*** as high as I can. Go catch and dunk it.' Somebody that sit down and just explain the game to him like this," George continued. "If they front you, just spin, that ball going to be there. He don't have that type of personnel around him to do that."

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(18/1) 76ers  
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(22/1) Thunder  
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