Pittsburgh vs. UNC Point Spread Opens Up as a Pick’em

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Dan Shapiro
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Pittsburgh vs. UNC Point Spread Opens Up as a Pick’em

The big Pittsburgh vs. UNC point spread has opened at a big Pick’em.  Hardly a surprise here as both these schools have nearly identical records.  We would anticipate North Carolina to move up towards the -2 number by the time this game tips off at 2:30 pm EDT.  That’s because early action had the public backing the Tar Heels at close to 90%.

Gambling911.com’s own ratings suggest North Carolina should be closer to a -2.5 to -3 favorite so it will be interesting to see if the oddsmakers pull the trigger and react to the action, provided it holds up as more bettors get down during the morning hours.

Stats LLC notes that North Carolina has lost in the championship game of the ACC tournament in each of the last three seasons, a distinction only one other team can claim -- and that was 40 years ago.

Friday’s game is the quarterfinal against Pittsburgh. 

North Carolina fans might be happy to know that Pittsburgh hasn't won a conference tournament since claiming the Big East crown in 2008.  Then again, that’s not so long ago.

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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