Odds on Bronny James to the Phoenix Suns

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Tyrone Black
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It's official.  Bronny James is staying in the 2024 NBA Draft, and there's a good chance we see father and son lace it up for the same team next season.  There is also a good chance (2/1 odds) that Bronny will be drafted to the Phoenix Suns.


"Our latest odds have the Lakers as the odds-on favorites (-150) to select James in June," BetOnline tells Gambling911.com.

He's favored to be selected in Round 2, and his over/under draft positions is 45.5.

Bronny's chances of going No. 1 overall...a whopping 300/1!

As far as Phoenix goes, the odds are much better that Bronny will join his dad, but speculation is Lebron James may be heading to Phoenix.

Apparently the owners of Lebron.com were teasing the two will be playing in Phoenix.

The URL is simply a splash page with a countdown and a play on words: “Like father like sun.”

Bronny odds are subject to change and will be updated in real-time on the site.

Also, with Pascal Siakam out of the playoffs and Karl-Anthony Towns one stinker shooting performance away from a Cancun vacation, there are odds for those two players' next teams if they are traded/signed away from Indiana and Minnesota, respectively.


Bronny James Draft Position

Over/Under      45.5


Bronny James to be No. 1 Overall Pick

Yes       300/1


Bronny James Draft Round

2nd Round                    1/2

Not Drafted                  2/1

1st Round                     4/1


Team to Draft Bronny James

Los Angeles Lakers                    2/3

Phoenix Suns                            2/1

New York Knicks                        16/1

Los Angeles Clippers                  18/1

Cleveland Cavaliers                   20/1

Philadelphia 76ers                     20/1

Memphis Grizzlies                     22/1

Miami Heat                               22/1

Chicago Bulls                            25/1

Milwaukee Bucks                      25/1

Atlanta Hawks                           28/1

Dallas Mavericks                       28/1

Oklahoma City Thunder             28/1

San Antonio Spurs                     28/1

Golden State Warriors               33/1

Utah Jazz                                  33/1

Boston Celtics                           40/1

Denver Nuggets                        40/1

Houston Rockets                       40/1

Minnesota Timberwolves          40/1

New Orleans Pelicans                40/1

Portland Trail Blazers                40/1

Sacramento Kings                     40/1

Toronto Raptors                        40/1

Orlando Magic                          45/1

Brooklyn Nets                           50/1

Detroit Pistons                          50/1

Indiana Pacers                          50/1

Washington Wizards                 50/1

Charlotte Hornets                     66/1


Karl-Anthony Towns Next Team

New Orleans Pelicans                3/1

Orlando Magic                          4/1

Oklahoma City Thunder             5/1

Sacramento Kings                     7/1

Golden State Warriors               8/1

Miami Heat                               10/1

Los Angeles Lakers                    12/1

Phoenix Suns                            12/1

Portland Trail Blazers                14/1

Cleveland Cavaliers                   20/1

Milwaukee Bucks                      20/1

Memphis Grizzlies                     25/1

Utah Jazz                                  25/1

Houston Rockets                       33/1

San Antonio Spurs                     33/1

Atlanta Hawks                           40/1

Boston Celtics                           40/1

Brooklyn Nets                           40/1

Los Angeles Clippers                  40/1

Charlotte Hornets                     45/1

Washington Wizards                 45/1

Indiana Pacers                          50/1

New York Knicks                        50/1

Detroit Pistons                          66/1

Toronto Raptors                        66/1

Chicago Bulls                            75/1

Dallas Mavericks                       75/1

Denver Nuggets                        100/1

Philadelphia 76ers                     100/1


Pascal Siakam Next Team

Philadelphia 76ers                     3/1

Oklahoma City Thunder             4/1

Memphis Grizzlies                     5/1

San Antonio Spurs                     6/1

Sacramento Kings                     8/1

Houston Rockets                       10/1

Cleveland Cavaliers                   12/1

Minnesota Timberwolves          12/1

Los Angeles Clippers                  16/1

Detroit Pistons                          22/1

Golden State Warriors               22/1

Charlotte Hornets                     25/1

Chicago Bulls                            33/1

Miami Heat                               33/1

Utah Jazz                                  33/1

Brooklyn Nets                           35/1

Washington Wizards                 35/1

Milwaukee Bucks                      40/1

New York Knicks                        40/1

Los Angeles Lakers                    45/1

Atlanta Hawks                           50/1

Boston Celtics                           50/1

Dallas Mavericks                       50/1

Phoenix Suns                            50/1

Denver Nuggets                        75/1

New Orleans Pelicans                75/1

Orlando Magic                          75/1

Portland Trail Blazers                75/1

Toronto Raptors                        100/1


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