Obama’s Bracket: Gamblers Back Pick for Kansas to Win 2011 NCAA Championship

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Dan Shapiro
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Obama's Bracket

US President Barack Obama has released his own bracket (click here).  His pick to win the 2011 NCAA Championship:  The Kansas Jayhawks....AGAIN!

There may be a little bit of bias there.  His mom grew up in Kansas. 

Odds of Kansas winning the 2011 NCAA Championship were set at +380 at SBG Global.  The payout would be $380 for every $100 bet or $38 for every $10 bet. 

Here’s the best part, Kansas became the new favorite only after Obama’s bracket was released.  Ohio State had previously been instilled as the favorite.  The Buckeyes were now listed with close to 5/1 odds.

President Obama picked Kansas as the NCAA men's basketball tournament champion 2011, defeating Ohio State in the final game.

"I think Kansas has more fire power," he said. 

This is the second straight year Obama has predicted Kansas will go all the way. Duke and Pittsburgh rounded out the President's Final Four. Obama has predicted all number one seeds to advance for the first time.

Obama has made bracket picks each year he’s been in office and he does have a following. 

“Some people just use his picks for their own brackets in office pools,” observed Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the Gambling911.com website.  “He is after all the President.”

Download Obama’s Bracket Here


- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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