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NBA, College Basketball Hot Trends,

The first weekend without NFL betting is fast approaching, and like you, Damon is scared pantsless. What do you do when there’s no football to bet on? That’s right – you bet on other things (for fun, of course). Damon drops by with another episode ofBetCenter to tell you how to replace your love of the pigskin, with an appreciation for the round ball.

And by round ball, I mean basketball. You knew that right? For the love of God please tell me you knew that. Just watch the damn video…

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Nothing probably set your ears on fire than hearing the words “$5 Million Bracket Contest”, am I right? Well for those of you who might be new to, we hold multiple bracket contests based on March Madness. They’re enough to make your brain collapse, and the only way to get a good read on the good teams this year is to follow the college basketball betting season.

So far, the best team in the country is the Ohio State Buckeyes who, like their football counterpart at the school, have traditionally had trouble closing out the deal in March Madness. Led by Harrison Barnes, the UNC Tar Heels are charging back after a miserable season last year, and though they narrowly lost to Duke, everyone is taking UNC seriously once again.

So why aren’t you taking basketball betting seriously as a whole? Our team of handicappers has been dissecting the pro and college levels of the sport since day one so the good news is that you have guides armed with knowledge grenades as you waddle in to the trenches of basketball betting glory. The key to betting basketball is obviously watching it on a daily basis, but if that’s not your bag of funions than follow our lead.

Damon also steps out of the darkness of the NFL off season and in to the light of NBA basketball betting by offering his predictions for the conference championships. And nobody should be surprised that the homer sapien of loud mouth hand picked his Boston Celtics to overcome the threats out of Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and Chicago to win out East.

More importantly, however, is the value pick that the San Antonio Spurs have out West. They’re the only team that’s crested the 40-wins mark, and as Damon points out, 8 of the past 9 teams to achieve that mark this fast have gone on to win the NBA Championship. At 5-to-1 odds, with a trend like that, the Spurs are probably the best value bet for NBA Championship futures betting…especially if you hate the Lakers.

Not familiar with basketball betting in the slightest? Again – DO NOT PANIC. Everything works the same from the spreads, to the totals, to the futures and the prop betting. Even our bonus structure remains the same. The difference is that there’s literally thousands of games to bet on every year, so generating action isn’t a problem, especially if you’re carrying around the mobile version of our site in your pocket!

The best thing I can tell you to do with basketball is to embrace the grind. Football can either be a sprint or a marathon depending on how lucky you are, but basketball is absolutely a marathon. Play it slow, get a feel for the teams you like or just do what Damon does and jump on the best teams in the sport right now .

Seriously, are you doing anything else productive with your free time in the winter? I didn’t think so. And practicing karate in your basement doesn’t count!

- Tim Furious,

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