Miami Heat Odds to Win the 2011 NBA Championship Still Better Than 2/1

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Tyrone Black
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Miami Heat Odds to Win the 2011 NBA Championship

With a win in Madison Square Garden Friday night against the New York Knicks, the Miami Heat odds of winning the 2011 NBA Championship remained at better than 2/1 or +225 for a potential payout of $22.50 on every $10 bet. 

The NBA is starting to live up to early expectations with the Heat finally coming into their own after a slow start, now winning their 11th straight game.  The New York Knicks, one of basketball’s most revered franchises, has a record above .500 for the first time in years and the Boston Celtics continue to look like a formidable foe for both teams in the East.  They’ve won 12 straight.

In the West, the Lakers have 20 wins yet it’s the one-time perennial favorites to win the NBA Championship, San Antonio Spurs, that have the best record in the league at 22-3.  Dallas has 21 wins and the Oklahoma City Thunder (relocated from Seattle in 2008) is promising to build a strong fan base in the Sooner State with a 19-8 record, the best in the Northwest Division.

Odds to Win the 2011 NBA Championship

101 Atlanta Hawks     +5000

102 Boston Celtics     +450

103 Charlotte Bobcats     +20000

104 Chicago Bulls     +2500

105 Cleveland Cavaliers     +25000

106 Dallas Mavericks     +1200

107 Denver Nuggets     +4000

108 Detroit Pistons     +20000

109 Golden State Warriors     +20000

110 Houston Rockets     +15000

111 Indiana Pacers     +10000

112 Los Angeles Clippers     +50000

113 Los Angeles Lakers     +225

114 Memphis Grizzlies     +20000

115 Miami Heat     +225

116 Milwaukee Bucks     +15000

117 Minnesota Timberwolves     +50000

118 New Jersey Nets     +30000

119 New Orleans Hornets     +5000

120 New York Knicks     +4000

121 Oklahoma City Thunder     +2000

122 Orlando Magic     +1000

123 Philadelphia 76ers     +30000

124 Phoenix Suns     +7500

125 Portland Trailblazers     +7500

126 Sacramento Kings     +50000

127 San Antonio Spurs     +1000

128 Toronto Raptors     +40000

129 Utah Jazz     +2500

130 Washington Wizards     +40000

- Tyrone Black,

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