March Madness Bookie Deal: Half Off Premium Package + Free Profit Guide

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Matt Skinner
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March Madness Bookie Deal: Half Off Premium Package + Free Profit Guide

In order to get the best boost in profits during your March Madness season, take the time to learn and understand the game better than other players before building an effective strategy.

The new March Madness promotions from include a half-off premium package ($7 per head, per week during the month of March), a free Bookie Blueprint for March Madness profits, and four free resources to help with increasing the betting activity of your players.

Promotion #1: Half Off Premium Package

The first promotion currently being offered is the Half Off Premium Package, at $7 Per Head, per week.

This package provides all of the standard features, plus:

  • Professional Agent Interface / Mobile ASI/DGS
  • Premium Live Wagering on 1000+ Events
  • Exclusive Live Dealer Rates
  • Select Casino and Horse Profiles
  • Premium Mobile Access
  • Elite Reporting Options
  • Exclusive Live Dealer Rates
  • Select Casino and Horse Profiles

Don't miss the chance to take advantage of this special March Madness offer. It will only be available until the end of the month.

Promotion #2: March Madness Bookie Blueprint

One of the benefits to being with is having valuable resources to use that can help to maximize profits during busy betting seasons, such as March Madness.

The March Madness Bookie Blueprint is a four week guide that offers information on how to effectively navigate the chaos of March Madness in order to make the most money.

  • Week 1 - Preparing for a profitable season with strategy and history.
  • Week 2 - Diving into the chaos and getting your players betting more.
  • Week 3 – Understanding the Cinderella Story and engaging new players.
  • Week 4 – Staying on top of the quitters and thinking ahead

Promotion #3: Free Resources To Increase Players' Betting Activity

The March Madness Bookie Blueprint also includes 4 free resources you can use to increase betting activity. These helpful tools are valuable resources for keeping players informed and engaged:

  • Week 1 Freebie -  7 step strategy roadmap
  • Week 2 Freebie -  Betting Bracket Guide
  • Week 3 Freebie – Newbie Package For March Madness
  • Week 4 Freebie – Post March Madness Contest Template

Head to now to grab your half price discount and March Madness Bookie Blueprint for maximizing your profits this season.

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