Lakers vs. Celtics Game: Boston The -2 ½ Point Favorite

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Don Shapiro
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Lakers vs. Celtics Game

The Lakers vs. Celtics game line opened at -2 ½ and there has been little movement with nearly 95 percent of online sportsbooks not budging, including the folks at  There is only some slight trending to the -3.

Tim Furious of writes: "The backcourt scoring of the Celtics is the scariest part about this series for the Lakers. The Rondo-Fisher matchup notwithstanding, Kobe's defensive responsibilities against Ray Allen is a dangerous weak link. It's not just that Allen can make his shots available, and hit them as well, it's that he never stops moving and that can kill Kobe's stamina and endurance as the game progresses.

"If you think chasing Allen around, trying to cool him down, didn't wear Kobe out, then just look at his numbers. His 40-percent on 8-of-20 from the field was his third worst field goal percentage he put up in the entire post-season. Kobe ended the game with 21-points."

There has been slightly more action coming in on the Celtics in this NBA Finals game with 60 percent betting on Boston to cover.

"This series is coming down to one very interesting, and almost unexpected, factor and that is "energy distribution"," Furious says.  "These guys may be Hall of Fame athletes, but every human being has their limitations. The Celtics are better spent revving the scoring engine of Rondo and Allen, leaving Garnett and Perkins to hammer away on the defensive end limiting the damage Gasol can inflict.

"It's difficult to stop Kobe offensively, but not if he's sweating bullets and dog tired after chasing Allen and Rondo around the perimeter trying to put a hand up to defend field goals. It's not the formula we might have expected out of the Celtics, but it will be enough to earn the win in Game 3."

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