Dogs Do It Again With First Round of NBA Playoffs

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Don Shapiro
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Just how many underdogs have won in the first round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs?

Those dastardly dogs beat the favorites in 6 of the 8 weekend games. 

Monday night the Pacers managed to cover against the Bulls with a 96-90 win.  They were +12 underdogs.  Only two Round One Playoffs games were scheduled for Monday with the Heat easily winning Against The Spread, a rare favorite to win.

On Tuesday, the dogs kept on barking.  Both New York and Atlanta covered despite losing outright.

At press time the Trailblazers-Mavericks game was still in progress.

To date, First Round NBA Playoffs games have gone 9-3 in favor of the underdogs.

This can only mean a bunch of smiling bookmakers.  Traditionally, the betting public backs the favorite.

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