DFS NBA Player Picks, Salaries and Betting Lines – April 3

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DFS NBA Player Picks, Salaries and Betting Lines – April 3

Gambling911.com has your DFS NBA player picks, salaries and betting lines for April 3.  As we head down the home stretch, be careful of some teams resting key starters and remember that certain bench players could see more minutes and improved production.

DeMarcus Cousins (C) $10K – April 3 – This is a no-brainer.  Cousins hit the 75 fantasy points mark the last time facing off against New Orleans.  Case closed.

Eric Gordon (New Orleans - SG) $5.5K – April 3 – Gordon goes up against Sacramento again.  Remember, dead last against opposing shooting guards.

Deron Williams (Brooklyn - PG) $5.6K – April 3 – Williams goes up against a Raptors team that has allowed the 11th most fantasy points to opposing point guards.  Coming off the bench the last time facing Toronto, Williams had 11 baskets, 6 assists and 3 rebounds.  As a starter, playing well of late, it’s easy to see how Williams could make value here.

Anthony Davis - (New Orleans - PF) $11.2K  - April 3 – The Kings have allowed the 12th most fantasy points to opposing power forwards this season.  Davis scorched them last time with over 50 fantasy points.

Greivis Vasquez (Toronto - PG) $5K - April 3 – Great price for someone who is hitting near 8X his value in recent games.  It helps that Brooklyn has struggled against point guards this season.  His price has come up about $600 this week.

Bradley Beal (Washington - SG) $5.9K - April 3 – Beal scored close to 35 fantasy points against Philadelphia on Wednesday night.  Even against Houston the other night he flirted with 30 fantasy points.  The Knicks have struggled against opposing shooting guards.  While Washington has handily beaten New York in their last three meetings, two of those three games were decided by within 11 points.  As such we do not necessarily see a blowout here so Beal should get his minutes.

Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City - PG) $12.5K - April 3 – Oklahoma City needs every ounce of effort from Westbrook to keep their post season hopes alive with Kevin Durant out.  Memphis has secured its spot in the Playoffs and has allowed teams to score over 100 points in three of the last four games.   Westbrook flirted with 50 fantasy points back in February against Memphis when the Grizzlies were a little bit more hungry and OKC was a bit less desperate. 

Tobias Harris (Orlando - SF) $6.6K - April 3 – Minnesota is giving away the 4th most fantasy points to opposing small forwards.  Harris reached over 30 fantasy points against San Antonio the other night.  Against the T-Wolves last time he had 16 rebounds and 17 made shots. 

NBA Daily Fantasy Salaries

Atlanta Hawks – Kyle Korver (SG) $4.3K, Demarre Carroll (SF) $5.8K, Paul Millsap (PF) $7.3K, Al Horford (C) $6.4K, Dennis Schroder (PG) $4.6K (March 28)

Boston Celtics - Marcus Smart (PG) $4.5K, Evan Turner (PG) $5.7K, Brandon Bass (PF) $5.2K, Tyler Zeller (C) $4K, Avery Bradley (SG) $5.8K (April 1)

Brooklyn Nets – Joe Johnson (SG) $5.2K, Deron Williams (PG) $5.6K, Bojan Bogdano (SG) $4K, Markel Brown (SG) $3K, Joe Johson (SG) $5.1K, Brook Lopez (C) $7.1K (March 27)

Charlotte Hornets – Gerald Henderson (SG) $5.3K, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (SF) $5.9K, Al Jefferson (C) $6.7K, Marvin Williams (PF) $4.3K, Kemba Walker (PG) $7.2K (March 28)

Chicago Bulls – Jimmy Butler (SG) $8K, Joakim Noah (C) $6.1K, Mike Dunleavy (SF) $4.2K, Pau Gasol (PF) $8.4K, Aaron Brooks (PG) $5.8K (March 28)

Cleveland Cavaliers – Lebron James (SF) $9.9K, J.R. Smith (SG) $5.6K, Kevin Love (PF) $7K, Timofey Mozgov (C) $4.6K, Kyrie Irving (PG) $7.7K (April 2)

Dallas Mavericks – Monta Ellis (SG) $6.5K, Tyson Chandler (C) $5.3K, Rajon Rondo (PG) $5.9K, Dirk Nowitzki (PF) $5.9K, Dirk Nowitzki (PF) $5.9K, Chandler Parsons (SF) $6.4K (April 1)

Denver Nuggets – R. Foye (SB) $4.8K, Ty Lawson (PG) $7K, $5.2K, Danilo Gallinari (SF) $6.4K, Wilson Chandler (SF) $5.7K, Kenneth Faried (PF) $7.4K, (March 28)

Detroit Pistons – Caron Butler (SF) $3.2K, Reggie Jackson (PG) $8.3K, Andre Drummond (C) $8.6K, Anthony Tolliver (PF) $4K, Kentavious Caldwell (SG) $5.7K (March 29)

Golden State Warriors – Klay Thompson (SG) $7K, Harrison Barnes (SF) $4.6K, Stephen Curry (PG) $9.5K,  Andre Iguodala (SF) $4.5K, Andrew Bogut (C) $4.6K (March 31)

Houston Rockets – James Harden (SG) $11.3K, Trevor Ariza (SF) $6.6K, Jason Terry (SG) $3K, Dwight Howard (C) $7.2K, Josh Smith (C)  $7.2K (April 1)

Indiana Pacers- C.J. Miles (SF), $5.1K, George Hill (PG) $7.5K, David West (PF) $5.6K, Roy Hibbert (C) $5.2K, Solomon Hill (SF) $4.4K (April 1)

LA Clippers – Deandre Jordan (C) $8.3K, Matt Barnes (SF) $5.4K, Chris Paul (PG) $9.6K, DeAndre Jordan (C) $8.4K, J.J. Redick (SG) $6.5K, Blake Griffin (PF) $8.6K (April 1)

LA Lakers – Jeremy Lin (PG) $5.5K, Jordan Clarkson (PG) $6K, Wayne Johnson (SF) $4.4K, Ryan Kelly (PF) $4K, Tariq Black (PF) $3.8K (April 1)

Memphis Grizzlies – Tony Allen (SF) $5.3KK, Zach Randolph (PF) $7.3K, Marc Gasol (C) $7.5K, Jeff Green (SF) $5.8K, Mike Conley (PG) $6.3K (March 25)

Miami Heat –Dwyane Wade (SG) $7.6K, Udonis Haslem (PF) $3.5K, Luol Deng (SF) $5.6K, Goran Dragic (PG) $6/8K (March 29)

Milwaukee Bucks – Khris Middleton (SG) $6.6K, Giannis Antetokounmpo (SF) $7.3K, Ersan Ilvasova (PF) $6.7K, Michael Carter-Williams (PG) $6.8K, Zaza Pachulia (C) $5.8K (March 28)

Minnesota Timberwolves – Lorenzo Brown (PG) $3.9K, Andrew Wiggins (SF) $6.6K, Adreian Payne (PF) $3.9K, Justin Hamilton (C) $4.5K, K, Zach Lavine (PG) $5.8K (April 1)

New Orleans Pelicans – Eric Gordon (SG) $5.5K, Tyreke Evans (PG) $7.7K, Omer Asik (C) $5.2K, Quincy Pondexter (SG) $4.3K, Anthony Davis (PF) $11.4K (April 1)

New York Knicks – Langston Galloway (PG) $5.1K, Lou Amundson (PF) $3.7K, Andrea Bargnani (PF) $5.8K, Lance Thomas (SF) $3.5K (March 28)

Oklahoma City Thunder – Russell Westbrook (PG) $12.7K, Enes Kanter (C) $7.5K, Kyle Singler (SF) $3K, Dion Waiiters (SG) $5K, Steven Adams (C) $5.9K (April 1)

Orlando Magic – Tobias Harris (SF) $6.6K, Nikola Vucevic (C) $8K, Victor Oladipo (SG) $7.7K, Elfrid Payton (PG) $7.7K, Andrew Nicholson (PF) $3.3K, D. Dedmon (C) $3K (April 1)  

Philadelphia 76ers – Nerlens Noel (C) $8K, Furkan Aldemir (PF) $3.3K, Jakaar Sampson (PF) $3K, Ish Smith (PG) $6.1K, Jerami Grant (SF) $3K (April 1)

Phoenix Suns –PJ Tucker (SF) $5.3K, Eric Bledsoe (PG) $7.9K, Markieff Morris (PF) $6.1K, Marcus Morris (PF) $5.8K, Brandon Wright (PF) $4.1K (April 1)

Portland Trail Blazers – A. Crabbe (SG) $4.2K, Damian Lillard (PG) $7.8K, Lamarcus Aldridge (PF) $8.7K, Aaron Afflalo (SG) $4.3K, Robin Lopez (C) $4.5K (March 27)

Sacramento Kings – DeMarcus Cousins (C) $10K, Ben McLemore (SG) $3.6K, Ray McCallum (PG) $4K, O.Casspi (SF) $3.4K, Jason Thompson (PF) $3.6K, Reggie Evans (PF) $3.1K (April 1)

San Antonio Spurs – Dany Green (SG) $5.8K, Kawhi Leonard (SF) $8.1K, Tony Parker (PG) $6K, Tim Duncan (PF) $6.8K, Tiago Splitter (C) $4.5K (April 1)

Toronto Raptors –DeMar DeRozan (SG) $7.8K, Terrence Ross (SF) $3.7K, Terrence Ross (PF) $3.5, Greivis Vasquez (PG) $4.4K, Amir Johnson (PF) $4.5K, Jonas Valenciunas (C) $5.7K (March 27)
Utah Jazz – J. Ingles (SF) $3.2K, Gordon Hayward (SF) $8K, Dante Exum (SG) $3K, Rudy Gobert (C) $8.1K, Derrick Favors (PF) $8.1K (April 1)

Washington Wizards – Paul Pierce (SF) $4.5K John Wall (PG) $8.8K, N. Hilario (PF) $4.6K, Marcin Gortat (C) $6K, Bradley Beal (SG) $5.9K (April 1)

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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