Daily Fantasy NBA Player Value Watch – March 24

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Tyrone Black
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Daily Fantasy NBA Player Value Watch – March 24

Gambling911.com has your daily fantasy NBA player value watch for March 24 with some terrific options ahead.  This is an easy to follow analysis broken down by date then by individual player.  Keep in mind, players are regularly added to these Value Watches so you may wish to come back for updates.

March 24 – Nerlens Noel, Russell Westbrook, Enes Kanter, Jonas Valenciunas, Hassan Whiteside, DeMarcus Cousins

March 25 - Nerlens Noel, J.J. Redick, Al Horford

March 27 – Kyle Lowry

March 28 – Pau Gasol

March 29 – Brook Lopez, Russell Westbrook, Enes Kanter  

March 30 – Mike Conley

April 1 – Russell Westbrook, Jonas Valenciunas, DeMar DeRozan, DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento - C) $10K – March 24 – This one is a given.  Last time Cousins faced the Sixers approached 80 fantasy points.  Nuff said.

April 1 – Keep an eye on Cousins this day.  Houston has struggled against opposing centers of late.

Nerlens Noel (Philadelphia - C) $7.7K – March 24 -  He accumulated over 40 fantasy points against the last time he faced the Kings.

March 25 - Noel faces a Denver team he hit near 30 fantasy points against the last time facing them.  Even with his price shooting up a grand Noel still has value.

Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City - PG) $13.2K – His price will most certainly continue to climb as far as it can and he’ll still have value against two teams upcoming.  This is an OKC team that is playing some of its best basketball despite all the players sitting out (most notable of which is Kevin Durant) March 24 -  Westbrook faces the Lakers., a team that’s not only bad, they have also given up the most fantasy points to opposing point guards.

Hassan Whiteside (Miami - C) $7.7K - March 24 – The Bucks have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing centers since the start of the new year.  Whiteside flirted with 40 fantasy points the last time he faced them.

March 29 - He’ll face a Suns team that he managed to scrape together over 75 fantasy points against. 

April 1 – Dallas is another team that has struggled against opposing point guards and another team Westbrook has had little trouble going over 50 fantasy points against. 

Enes Kanter (Oklahoma City - C) $5.8K – March 24 – Had over 45 fantasy points the last time he faced them.

March 29 - Kanter nearly made value the last time he faced off against Phoenix and this go around he’ll be picking up some of the slack due to a number of players sitting out.

Jonas Valenciunas (Toronto - C) $5.2K - March 24 – He needs only 25 fantasy points in order to make value and we don’t see a problem with that versus a Detroit team giving up the 2nd most fantasy points to opposing centers.  Valenciunas had over 30 fantasy points against the Knicks on Sunday and two games prior versus Minnesota.  He flirted with 40 fantasy points the last time facing Detroit.

April 1 – For the reason cited above related to Minnesota.  He puled off over 30 fantasy points against the T-Wolves last time facing them. 

J.J. Redick (Los Angeles Clippers SG) $6.5K – March 25 – The Knicks have had difficulties against opposing shooting guards.  He will need around 31 fantasy points to make value.  Redick is a tad overpriced but he’s made or come very close to making value in three of the last four games.  He did not make value versus the Knicks last time facing them. 

Kyle Lowry (Toronto - PG) $7.2K - March 27 – Lowry dismantled the Lakers last time going up against LA back in November and this probably has a whole lot to do with the Lakers inability to contain opposing point guards.  Things won’t be much better here though the possibility of a blowout looms large. 

Brook Lopez (Brooklyn - C) $6.4K - March 29 – You’ll want to play him again on the 29th simply because he had 14 rebounds against the Lakers last time, not to mention 22 baskets.

Pau Gasol (Chicago - PF) $8.8K – March 28 – Gasol is a decent pick against a Knicks team he managed to accumulate nearly 40 fantasy points against the last time.  This, however, could prove to be a blowout so you’ll want to exercise some degree of caution.  

DeMar DeRozan (Toronto - SG) $7.4K – April 1 – DeRozan hit nearly 40 fantasy points against Minnesota last time.  This one is on the road making a blowout a little less likely especially considering the last matchup in this series was won by only five points. 

Al Horford (Atlanta - C) $6.9K – March 25 – Orlando ranks second to last in giving up the most fantasy points to opposing centers.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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