Daily Fantasy NBA Player Value Watch – March 18: Tiago Splitter

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Tyrone Black
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Daily Fantasy NBA Player Value Watch – March 18

Gambling911.com has your daily fantasy NBA player watch for the upcoming days.  This is an easy to follow analysis broken down by date then by individual player.  Keep in mind, players are regularly added to these Value Watches so you may wish to come back for updates.


March 18 – Rudy Gay, Elfrid Payton, DeMar DeRozan, Nerlens Noel, Tiago Splitter, J.J. Redick

March 19 – *James Harden, PJ Tucker

March 20 – DeMarcus Cousins, Bradley Beal, Aaron Brooks, Gerald Henderson, Damian Lillard, Nerlens Noel

March 21 – James Harden

March 22 - Gerald Henderson, Nikola Vucevic, DeMar DeRozan, Nerlens Noel

March 23 – Bradley Beal, Nikola Mirotic

March 24 – Nerlens Noel

March 25 - Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel (Philadelphia - C) $6.7K – March 18 - Detroit gives up the 4th most points to opposing centers this season so Noel needs to be on your roster the 18th for sure.

March 20 - Have him against the Knicks, simply because they are the Knicks.

March 22 - Have him against the Lakers, simply because they are the Lakers.

March 24 - And have him on your roster against the Kings, a team he accumulated over 40 fantasy points against the last time he faced them.   

March 25 -  Noel faces a Denver team he hit near 30 fantasy points against the last time facing them. 

J.J. Redick (Los Angeles Clippers - SG) $6.5K – March 18 - Sacramento ranks dead last against centers.  Redick’s price has gone up for a reason.  Redick needs approximately 31 fantasy points.  Against a decent Charlotte team he just made value. 

DeMar DeRozan (Toronto - SG) $7.2K – March 18 - DeRozan needs roughly 32 fantasy points and reached that number in his last game versus Miami.  Now he goes up against a Pacers team that has had troubles of late containing shooting guards.  He did flirt with the 40 mark last time going up against Indiana.

Minnesota is also having it difficulties against opposing shooting guards, giving up the 8th most fantasy points to that position.   DeRozan did make value the last time facing the T-Wolves.

Tiago Splitter (San Antonio - C) $3.6K – March 18 – Milwaukee has allowed the most fantasy points to opposing centers since the start of the season and Splitter comes cheap, barely needing 20 fantasy points to make value.  He hit over 30 fantasy points last night versus the Knicks.  This is a back-to-back game where Spurs bigger names may see reduced minutes.   Playing just over 16 minutes off the bench the last time he faced the Bucks, Splitter managed to accumulate better than 15 fantasy points. 

Rudy Gay (Sacramento - SF) $7.2K – March 18 - OUT

Bradley Beal (Washington - SG) $5.9K – The Clippers have struggled against shooting guards.  Beal scores over 40 fantasy points the last time he faced them.

Elfrid Payton (Orlando - PG) $5.8K – March 18 - Needing roughly 29 fantasy points, Payton topped 35 the other night versus Boston and came close to making value versus Milwaukee in the previous game.  Most telling of all perhaps is that Payton was able to hold his own against Indiana a few nights ago. Dallas has struggled against point guards though Payton did not fare well versus the Mavs when he last faced them.  Use only as a last alternative in this matchup.

Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma – PG) - $12.5K - March 18 – Don’t even think about it although the temptation may certainly be there.  Westbrook can do no wrong but, needing 50 fantasy points against Boston Wednesday night, he will be up against defensive-minded Avery Bradley. 

March 22 - The Knicks allow the 7th most fantasy points to opposing shooting guards.  It’s interesting to note that DeRozan did not reach value the last time facing New York a few weeks back.  This despite playing 40:18 minutes.  For that reason, we do have our reservations about playing DeRozan.  He’s an option but not a top consideration.   

James Harden (Houston - SG) $10.5K – March 19 - Denver allows the most fantasy points to opposing shooting guards.  He will go up against the Nuggets on March 19.  He had little trouble making value vs. Denver the last time he played them.   *The blowout potential is here so exercise some caution as minutes could be reduced.

March 21 - Harden flirted with 75 fantasy points the last time he met Phoenix.  Nuff said.

You will notice there are no back-to-back games for Houston over their next five meetings. Make sure Harden is not slated to sit out any of the games against under .500 opponents such as Orlando and Denver. 

DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento - C) $9.5K – March 20 - DeMarcus Cousins is on fire and he did manage to make value last time he faced the Hornets but he probably shouldn’t be the first consideration on this day unless value is limited elsewhere.

Nikola Mirotic - (Chicago - PF) $7.6K – March 23 - Charlotte is looming large on the 23rd.  Mirotic just made value against the Hornets coming off the bench.  It helps that they have struggled against power forwards of late.  He easily made value as a starter against Philadelphia in his previous game.

Gerald Henderson (Charlotte - SG) $5.1K - March 20 - A better option is using Henderson against Sacramento, a team that ranks dead last against shooting guards.  He flirted with 40 fantasy points the last time facing Sacramento. This one goes off March 20 so watch for price changes between now and then.

March 22 - Minnesota gives up the 8th most fantasy points allowed to opposing shooting guards.  He reached value last time facing the T-Wolves.  This one goes off March 22 so watch for price changes.

Nikola Vucevic (Orlando - C) $8.7K - March 22 - Denver is coming up and they have permitted the 2nd most fantasy points to opposing centers. The last time he faced the Nuggets, Vucevic tallied up just over 35 fantasy points.  He only needs that amount to make value and is very likely to do so.

PJ Tucker (Phoenix - SF) $5.7K – March 19 – This is a decent play on a night with a limited slate.  New Orleans is having trouble against both shooting guards and small forwards. Tucker needs roughly 27 fantasy points to make value.  Against Atlanta the other night, Tucker flirted with that target number.  He failed to make value against New Orleans the last time facing them but again there are not many options on this night.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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