Daily Fantasy NBA Player Value Watch – April 3

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Dan Shapiro
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Daily Fantasy NBA Player Value Watch – April 3

Gambling911.com has your daily fantasy NBA player value watch for April 3 with some terrific options ahead.  This is an easy to follow analysis broken down by date then by individual player.  Keep in mind, players are regularly added to these Value Watches so you may wish to come back for updates.

April 3 – Eric Gordon, Deron Williams, Anthony Davis,

April 4 - Robert Covington, Nikola Vucevic, DeAndre Jordan

April 5 - DeAndre Jordan, George Hill

April 12 - Brook Lopez

April 13 - Kent Bazemore, Dennis Schroder, Thabo Sefolosha

Eric Gordon (New Orleans - SG) $5.5K – April 3 – Gordon goes up against Sacramento again.  Remember, dead last against opposing shooting guards.

Deron Williams (Brooklyn - PG) $5.6K- Williams goes up against a Raptors team that has allowed the 11th most fantasy points to opposing point guards.  Coming off the bench the last time facing Toronto, Williams had 11 baskets, 6 assists and 3 rebounds.  As a starter, playing well of late, it’s easy to see how Williams could make value here.

Anthony Davis - (New Orleans - PF) $11.2K  - April 3 – The Kings have allowed the 12th most fantasy points to opposing power forwards this season.  Davis scorched them last time with over 50 fantasy points.

Robert Covington (Philadelphia - PF) – April 4 – $4.5K came off the bench March 25 to score 25 baskets, 6 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 block.  That’s flirting with 40 fantasy points in just 29 minutes.  Covington started the night before against Sacramento and scored 21 baskets, 3 rebounds, 1 each of an assist, block and steal.   Charlotte on April 4 has had trouble with power forwards of late.  He flirted with 40 fantasy points the last time going up against the Hornets.

George Hill (Indiana - PG) $7.5K – April 5 – We had George Hill the other night against Brooklyn and he killed it with close to 40 fantasy points.  He played under 20 minutes against Miami last time and hit around 17 fantasy points.

*Brook Lopez (Brooklyn - C) $7.1K - April 12 – Milwaukee not only struggles against centers, Lopez had close to 70 fantasy points against them the last time facing Milwaukee.  There is an aserick as we will be closing in on the post season and Lopez could potentially be rested should Brooklyn somehow seal a spot. 

Kent Bazemore (Atlanta – SG) $4.2K, Dennis Schroder (Atlanta – SG) $5.8K, Thabo Sefolosha (Atlanta – SG) $3.5K- April 13 - The Knicks have allowed the 7th most fantasy points to opposing shooting guards so Bazemore, Schroder and Sefolosha are all fair game on April 13, the later especially if he is named as starter. 

Mike Muscala (Atlanta – PF) - April 13 - $4.3K scored 18 baskets then tacking on 10 rebounds and 4 assists against Charlotte in a game he started recently.  As if that weren’t enough he managed to get 2 blocks and a steal.  The end result was better than 40 fantasy points or nearly 12X his value.  
Enter Kent Bazemore (Atlanta – SG) $4.2K also managed a 30 fantasy point night against the Hornets, needs only around 25 fantasy points to make value.  
Dennis Schroder (Atlanta – SG) $5.8K - April 13 - He may be priced higher than the aforementioned players but Schroder produces – not just with baskets scored – but with assists.  He had 11 of them against Charlotte recently.  All-in-all he had a 35-plus fantasy showing.  He only needed around 29 fantasy points to make value.

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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