Boston Celtics Odds To Win 2011 NBA Championship 9/1

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Tyrone Black
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Boston Celtics

Following an impressive win over the NBA’s new darlings, Miami Heat, in the season opener, the Boston Celtics have even more impressive odds of winning the 2011 NBA Championship at  The payout would be $900 for every $100 bet or $90 for every $10 bet.

The now 0-1 Miami Heat were still listed as the +160 favorite, paying $16 for every $10 bet.

The Celtics beat the Heat 88-80 Tuesday night in a game where the Heat scored a mere 30 points in the first half.   Miami was also down 19 points at one point during the game before rallying back.

Updated odds to win the 2011 NBA Championship appear below for all teams.



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101 Atlanta Hawks     +3500

102 Boston Celtics     +900

103 Charlotte Bobcats     +7500

104 Chicago Bulls     +1400

105 Cleveland Cavaliers     +15000

106 Dallas Mavericks     +2000

107 Denver Nuggets     +2500

108 Detroit Pistons     +10000

109 Golden State Warriors     +10000

110 Houston Rockets     +4000

111 Indiana Pacers     +15000

112 Los Angeles Clippers     +8000

113 Los Angeles Lakers     +300

114 Memphis Grizzlies     +10000

115 Miami Heat     +160

116 Milwaukee Bucks     +4000

117 Minnesota Timberwolves     +20000

118 New Jersey Nets     +10000

119 New Orleans Hornets     +8000

120 New York Knicks     +5000

121 Oklahoma City Thunder     +1400

122 Orlando Magic     +1000

123 Philadelphia 76ers     +10000

124 Phoenix Suns     +5000

125 Portland Trailblazers     +2500

126 Sacramento Kings     +15000

127 San Antonio Spurs     +2000

128 Toronto Raptors     +20000

129 Utah Jazz     +3000

130 Washington Wizards     +5000

- Tyrone Black, 

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