Betting Lessons Learned from March Madness Selection Sunday 2016

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Matt Skinner
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Betting Lessons Learned from March Madness Selection Sunday 2016

As an online bookie, you need to think fast throughout March Madness if you want to make the most pay per head profits.

Let’s see what betting lessons we can learn from this first week of action.

Then we can use these lessons to make more accurate predictions throughout the rest of tournament.

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Selection Sunday 2016 Betting Lessons

There are some useful betting lessons for online bookies to be learned from the selection, and even the selection method, which almost all teams are complaining about. Even #1 Kansas.

  1. Underdogs are and will always be a threat on teams. Mainly on the spread, but there are some that can challenge the statistics, like Tulsa. Tulsa is a team that should have not make it to the Tournament. That's it. This example and others have the committee currently in the frying pan with complaints.
  2. Top seeds will most certainly dismiss those at #16, but sometimes that #16 is on the rise and can create an upset. Florida Gulf had North Carolina on the ropes for a while. That’s why we’ve pointed out that NC is going to be the first #1 to get kicked out of the tournament.
  3. It’s been speculated that Purdue should have ranked higher than 5 seed. Well, if they had been ranked higher they wouldn’t have faced Little Rock and would probably not be going back home. Little Rock could have been the Cinderella, but now facing Iowa State, guess the story will end here.
  4. Wichita State comes in as an underdog, seeded as 11, and already took on Arizona. Their magic may end when facing Miami, but most people were favoring Arizona on that first match.
  5. Major upset? Yale against Baylor. Now Yale Bulldogs have earned the first tournament win in school history to set up a second-round rematch with Duke. And yes we picked Yale to move forward.

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