Basketball PPH Betting -- Will an NBA Team Strike it Rich in the Draft Lottery?

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Basketball PPH Betting -- Will an NBA Team Strike it Rich in the Draft Lottery?

PPH basketball bettors at WagerHome.com are watching as the "final four" teams in the NBA play it off to see who is going to win the title this season, but there are a whole lot of other teams that need a whole lot of help. For those lesser-lights, there is Tuesday night's NBA Draft Lottery, a chance to get better in a hurry, or at the very least, add a critical building block on the road to respectability,  PPH NBA odds including Tuesday night’s Draft.

As many basketball bettors know, once in a while, a genuine franchise player comes along, like a David Robinson, Patrick Ewing or LeBron James. Recently, even though the Clippers had to wait a year for Blake Griffin to be healthy enough to play, he was a cornerstone of the team's turnaround. For this past season's #1 pick, Anthony Bennett of Cleveland, well, we are still waiting for some impact from him. 

Fully-developed players aren't often found, because of the fact that the top choices tend to be freshmen. But some of them are huge talents nonetheless. However, often there is a considerable gap between the player who goes first and the player who goes second. Translation - there is a justifiable #1 pick and there is everybody else. Anthony Davis was a franchise guy for New Orleans to get with the first pick a couple of seasons ago, although we can't say the same (at least not yet) about his Kentucky teammate, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who is a member of the Charlotte Bobcats-soon-to-be-Hornets. 

These are the odds at WagerHome.com on who is going to get the #1 pick in the upcoming draft: 

Milwaukee Bucks      +240  

Philadelphia 76ers      +300  

Orlando Magic      +400  

Utah Jazz       +550  

Boston Celtics      +650  

Los Angeles Lakers      +1000  

Sacramento Kings      +1700  

Detroit Pistons      +1700  

Cleveland Cavaliers      +4000  

76ers via New Orleans Pelicans      +7000  

Denver Nuggets       +8000  

Magic via New York Knicks      +10000  

Minnesota Timberwolves      +10000  

Phoenix Suns      +10000  

So who will the ultimate lottery winner take, and could it possibly make an appreciable difference in that team's performance next season, or even have much of an impact on the PPH basketball betting odds?

Andrew Wiggins, the small forward out of the University of Kansas who was on the very short list of players who were considered to be top freshmen, is probably regarded as the #1 pick in most of the mock drafts. Jabari Parker, who had an outstanding freshman season for Duke, and also of the small forward position, is right up there as well. Then WagerHome customers must consider Julius Randle, the workman-like power forward who was a key contributor to Kentucky run to the national championship game, when he wasn't coming up with cramps. 

Remember that Bennett has hardly expected to be the first draft choice, so no matter how much one forecasts, a surprise could happen. 

Maybe a needy team out there could be looking for a big man, in which case an attractive selection might be Joel Embiid, the seven-foot center from Kansas (and yet another freshman) who may be a little under-developed on the offensive end but knows how to block shots. Having a defensive intimidator in the lane is important for many teams who aspire to win a title, or, in the case of some of these lottery teams, just get to the playoffs. 

There is a wild card of sorts here for WagerHome.com PPH betting customers to look at, and his name is Dante Exum, a point guard of American parentage who grew up in Australia and was very impressive to everyone at the recent NBA Draft combine - well, at least as far as the exercises he participated in were concerned. Exum is only 18, but he can be drafted because he is an "international" player. His athleticism is said to be off the charts, and at 6'6", he afford the team that takes him the luxury of being able to put a big point guard on the floor, although he can play the "2" position as well. 

Exum may not be the top pick, but he won't be a bad consolation prize for whatever team "loses" the draft lottery. 

Once again, we stress that a lot defends on who wins that draw on Tuesday night. Then you'll see the mock drafts from every Tom, Dick and Harry go into overdrive. 

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