2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament Lines Slow to go up: Predictions from G911

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Tyrone Black
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2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament Lines, Predictions

The sports betting world waited with anticipation hours after the Selection Sunday seedings were announced for the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament lines to go up.  More than two-and-a-half hours later, nothing, not even from the sportsbook that traditionally is first to put up lines, Bookmaker.comWith that Gambling911.com has published what it believes should be the opening lines and offers up a few predictions for the tournament. 

“We anticipate the lines to go up soon as Bookmaker.com has already listed the seedings,” noted Don Shapiro of Gambling911.com.

While it is understandable that the oddsmakers might not be able to get all game lines up within a certain period of time, one would expect some of the spreads to be posted almost immediately.

Barring injuries and other key absences, Gambling911.com has released its early anticipated lines on some key 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament games, stressing these odds were not yet available for betting.

George Mason (8) vs. Villanova (9) – Gambling911.com anticipated the number nine-seeded Villanova to be a -1 point favorite in this game. 

Kentucky (4) vs. Princeton (13) – Kentucky should be a -9 to -10 point favorite in this game, though we anticipate the oddsmakers to make Kentucky a much bigger favorite.  Princeton will likely cover here since we anticipate a much closer game than any line the oddsmakers post.

North Carolina (2) vs. Long Island University (15) – North Carolina probably should be a -12 to -15 point favorite here, however, we do anticipate a much bigger overlay.  Expect oddsmakers to release a line above -20.

Washington (7) vs. Georgia (10) – Washington will be a -3 to -5 point favorite against Georgia.

Xavier (6) vs. Marquette (11) – Despite the seeding, Marquette should be favored by 1 point here.  Expect Xavier to be a pretty big favorite and Marquette will likely upset.


Michigan (8) vs. Tennessee (9) – Michigan should easily be a -1.5 to -2 point favorite here.

Arizona (5) vs. Memphis (12) – The line should be Arizona -7 but oddsmakers will probably have this one in the double digits.

Temple (7) vs. Penn State (10) - Temple should only be a -2 point favorite here.

Cincinnati (6) vs. Missouri (11) – Cincinnati should only be a 4 point favorite, but anticipate a pretty big overlay in the line once it is officially released.

UNLV (8) vs. Illinois (9) – Expect UNLV to open at -2

Vanderbilt (5) vs. Richmond (12) – Gambling911.com expects this one to be extremely evenly matched.  Vanderbilt is not likely to cover any overlay the oddsmakers place on this game. Bet Richmond no matter what the line is – they could even upset.



Texas A&M (7) vs. Florida State (10)  - The line here could open around -3 to -4 in favor of Texas A&M and that would be a pretty accurate spread we believe. 

Butler (8) vs. Old Dominion (9) – Old Dominion is the better team here and they should be favored by -1 to -2 points. 

Kansas  State (5) vs. Utah (12) – This is a game where Kansas State should be a double digit favorite, probably by 12 points.

UCLA (7) vs. Michigan State (10) – Michigan State should be a -2 favorite here and is likely to cover, if not win,, since our prediction is that the oddsmakers will make UCLA a favorite, albeit probably a small favorite.  We say bet Michigan State in such a scenario.

St. John’s (6) vs. Gonzaga (11) – St. John’s will probably open up around -5.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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