2011 NBA Playoffs Lines for May 2: Bulls -8.5, Lakers -6

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Tyrone Black
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2011 NBA Playoffs

The 2011 NBA Playoffs lines for May 2 had the Bulls as -8.5 favorites vs. the Atlanta Hawks and the Lakers at -6 vs. the Dallas Mavericks.  All odds courtesy of BetUS.com

The Bulls-Hawks game will be played at 8 pm ET.

The Bulls come into this game having the best record of the regular season, however, the team with the second best record, the San Antonio Spurs, found themselves eliminated by Memphis this past week.

"I think it's going to be tougher, with all the guys that they have in," Bulls point guard Derrick Rose said of his team’s upcoming opponent. "They've got guys that can really jump and contest my shots -- really big guys. (Zaza) Pachulia and (Al) Horford are tough players. If anything, I'm (expecting) the worst because it's going to be a tough series."

Atlanta also came into the First Round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs as long shots to win against series favorite Orlando.

In the other game of the night, Los Angeles will meet a Dallas team that put away the Trailblazers in Game 6 of their series.  This will be the first Playoffs meeting between these two teams in 23 years.



Atlanta Hawks vs Chicago Bulls



Atlanta Hawks    



Chicago Bulls    


Best of 7 Series.(2-2-1-1-1)





Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Lakers



Dallas Mavericks    



Los Angeles Lakers    



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