2011 NBA Playoffs First Round Going to the Dogs

Written by:
Tyrone Black
Published on:

With the 2011 NBA Playoffs, dogs continued their winning ways Saturday and we almost went 3-0-1 but it turns out Memphis managed to cover the two-point spread against San Antonio. 

Just how good are the dogs doing to date?

Would you believe 18-7-1?

If you were betting $100 on every underdog in the 2011 NBA Playoffs so far, you would have achieved a profit of $1100 by now.  Bet $1000, you would have won $11,000.

Of course, you can’t bet all underdogs at a single book since you’ll be booted for wagering with a consistent pattern.  You would need to open accounts at several unrelated online sportsbooks and throw in a few favorites here and there on – say – baseball or the Royal Wedding. 

Gambling911.com’s list of sponsored online sportsbooks can be found here.   SBG Global, Bookmaker.com, BetED.com, BetUS.com and Sportsbook.com are all unrelated, so spread your dog bets among these books.

Don’t feel bad for the bookies.  They’re making a killing right now off the public betting favorites.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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