2011 NBA Playoffs: Dogs Keep Bookies Happy

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Dan Shapiro
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2011 NBA Playoffs

Continuing a trend throughout the first round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, the underdogs continue to be triumphant.  Following Thursday’s 1-1-1 record, the NBA underdogs unleashed a 2-1 showing to go 15-6-1 so far in the first round.   To put this in some perspective, if you were betting the underdogs since Game One at $1000 each time, you would have around $9000 profit.  A $100 bettor would have around $900 in their pockets. (tip:  You never want to bet exclusively on dogs at a single sportsbook as you risk getting asked to leave.  Always use a series of sportsbooks, including those found in the Sportsbook section of Gambling911.com). 

Bookies traditionally do well when the underdogs win since the public, as a rule, leans towards favorites.

Friday night’s games were a bit odd in that Boston easily beat the Knicks at home.  The Celtics were a rare favorite. 

Atlanta beat Orlando at home, however, in that game the Magic were away favorites.

The Lakers easily managed to beat the spread against New Orleans.

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- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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