2011 March Madness Bracket Contests (From The Online Sportsbooks)

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2011 March Madness Bracket Contests

Along with the office pools and betting comes some terrific 2011 March Madness bracket contests.  Sure, nobody has ever chosen a perfect bracket (or at least it has never been documented), but the consolation prizes aren’t too shabby either.

Both Sportsbook.com and SBG Global are offering 2011 March Madness bracket contests that include cash prizes for not necessarily choosing the perfect bracket.  Both are Gambling911.com endorsed and readers are welcome to participate in either contest.


$10,000.00 in Guaranteed Cash Prizes

Pick the perfect March Madness Bracket at Sportsbook.com and never work another day in your life.

Hit perfection to land a $14,000,000.00 payday; that's $1 Million for every year that Sportsbook.com has been taking action on March Madness.

Plus, we're also putting $10,000.00 in guaranteed cash up for grabs if no-one hits perfection. Your office pool can't boast that, so join ours.

Submit your picks and place $20.00 in wagers during each round of the tournament to be eligible for the cash prizes. 


Learn more at Sportsbook.com here


SBG Global was offering a $1 million March Madness brackets contest that goes like this:


1st prize is $350,000 for the person who picks all correct teams plus the correct score for any tie breaker.

2nd prize is $200,000

3rd prize is $100,000

4th prize is $50,000

5th through 30th gets $12,000


Learn more at SBG Global here

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