2010 NCAA Tournament Championship Odds to Win

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2010 NCAA Tournament Championship

BetUS.com has released its 2010 NCAA Tournament Championship odds to win with Kansas the obvious favorite at 7/4 odds.  Another number one-seeded team, Duke, would pay out $700 for every $100 bet or $70 for every $10 bet

"Any team not a number one seed will pay double digit odds should they win the 2010 NCAA Tournament Championship," explains Don Shapiro of Gambling911.com.

Ohio State, for example, would pay out $120 for every $10 bet.

Some important trends to keep in mind when reviewing top seeded teams:

Since the NCAA started seeding teams (1979), only once have all #1 seeds made it to the Final Four (National Semifinals):

         ▪         2008 Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA, Memphis (Memphis' season was later vacated by the NCAA due to use of an ineligible player)

The championship game has matched two #1 seeds only six times:

         ▪         1982 North Carolina defeated Georgetown

         ▪         1993 North Carolina defeated Michigan

         ▪         1999 Connecticut defeated Duke

         ▪         2005 North Carolina defeated Illinois

         ▪         2007 Florida defeated Ohio State

         ▪         2008 Kansas defeated Memphis

At least one #1 seed has made the Final Four in every year except:

         ▪         1980 -- Louisville - #2, Iowa - #5, Purdue - #6, UCLA - #8

         ▪         2006 -- UCLA - #2, Florida - #3, LSU - #4, George Mason - #11

The only team to beat three #1 seeds in a single tournament was #4 seed Arizona in 1997. Due to tournament structure, it's impossible to play a team from each one of the regions in a single tournament, thus it is impossible to play all four #1 seeds in a single tournament.

▪ 2009 marked the first time in tournament history that all 12 of the 1, 2, and 3 seeds made it to the Sweet 16.


Kansas    7/4

Kentucky    7/2

Syracuse    7/1

Duke    7/1

Ohio State    12/1

West Virginia    10/1

Kansas State    20/1

Villanova    18/1

Georgetown    20/1

New Mexico    35/1

Pittsburgh    50/1

Baylor    30/1

Maryland    30/1

Wisconsin    40/1

Vanderbilt    80/1

Purdue    60/1

Michigan State    25/1

Temple    60/1

Butler    75/1

Texas A&M    100/1

Tennessee    50/1

Marquette    80/1

Xavier    80/1

Notre Dame    80/1

Oklahoma State    100/1

Clemson    150/1

BYU    100/1

Richmond    300/1

UNLV    250/1

Texas    100/1

Gonzaga    100/1

California    100/1

Northern Iowa    250/1

Wake Forest    150/1

Florida State    200/1

Louisville    80/1

Georgia Tech    100/1

Missouri    100/1

Florida    125/1

St Marys CA    300/1

San Diego State    250/1

Washington    150/1

Minnesota    200/1

Old Dominion    300/1

New Mexico State    300/1

Cornell    300/1

UTEP    200/1

Utah State    350/1

Houston    250/1

Wofford    1000/1

Murray State    350/1

Siena    300/1

Ohio    250/1

Montana    1000/1

Oakland    500/1

Sam Houston    500/1

UC Santa Barbara    750/1

Morgan State    1000/1

North Texas    750/1

Robert Morris    1000/1

Lehigh    1000/1

Eastern Tennessee State    1000/1

Vermont    750/1

Arkansas Pine Bluff    1000/1

Winthrop    1000/1


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