Why bet Baseball? The answer is simplicity

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Each year I write something that pertains to this subject:  Why bet on baseball

Let me preface by saying that baseball is my least favorite spectator sport as a fan of the game, straight up or with action on it.  I am a huge College Football fan, being from Nebraska I have no choice, as well as NFL, NCAA Hoops (what's better than March madness, really?) as well as the NBA.  Year in and year out traffic drops on my site and others I am on because the NBA Playoffs are over and NCAA football or NFL preseason has yet to start.  I am talking 50% or better in traffic.  While the rest of you fall asleep at the wheel in the get-a-way car, I rake in some easy money and build a bankroll for football. 

Is it the Moneyline that freaks you out?

Two simple rules, never lay more than -150 in a game and find 10-cent lines.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE.  The moneyline is based on public perception, just like lines in football and basketball guys.  I recently did a podcast in Vegas and discussed this very same thing.  Short favorites, totals and underdogs.  Now that limits the amount of games you can wager, BUT THAT IS A GOOD THING.  Less is more in moneyline wagering.  Flat bet your plays, a play a day.  Simple rules to follow, and profitable.  If you like big favorites say, the Yankees are playing the Pirates at home laying -220 with a stud on the hill, then play the run line at -1.5 runs and reduce your odds, if you think it is worth the stretch.  Once again, a very simple approach.

I am like you Tony, I do not like to watch baseball for 3 hours.

Then don't watch it guys!  Because I say it is my least favorite sport to watch, I have the MLB Direct channel and watch it all the time and follow the daily highlights stories closely. Let us watch it, let me and other pro cappers worry about box scores and bullpens ERA's and starting pitching rotations and on base percentage and slugging numbers.  Once again guys, a very simple solution.

Starting pitchers nowadays are not reliable

This is true to a certain point, but the answer to this is simple as well when you bet on baseball.  Starting pitchers are half the equation, the other half of the handicapping scenario is the team itself and the opposing pitcher, as well as both teams bullpens.  I cannot stress enough how rare it is for any starter, unless he is a total stud, or a guy that is hot on any given night to go past 6 innings of work.  It is the bullpen and run support that win or lose ball games in the final innings.  Yes, many a night a very good starter may give up 5 earned runs in the first 2 innings and get yanked, it happens, but that also is why no capper or sports bettor wins 100% of the time either. 

Why not?

In closing, why do you think most books have 20-cent lines and offer parleys?  So the sharps do not beat them so badly, and they rely on novice sports bettors to hammer -170 games and higher, and do exotic wagers to keep them afloat, while the astute few who have the patience and knowledge beat the crap out of them on a weekly basis.  Just because a sport is not high octane in excitement like NCAA basketball or NCAA football, that does not mean it cannot be a lucrative investment of your wagering dollars, food for thought anyway!

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