PPH Sportsbook Betting: A Correlation Between Fantasy Baseball and Betting?

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C Costigan
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PPH Sportsbook Betting: A Correlation Between Fantasy Baseball and Betting?

Some PPH bettors, including WagerHome.com patrons, might be under the impression that fantasy sports are more or less for children, while sports betting is for grownups. Perhaps there is a bit of truth to that, since sports betting is, for most, a more expensive pastime, and it is probably easier to understand pure numbers like home runs, RBI's, OPS (on base plus slugging), wins, strikeouts, etc. than to gain an instinct for the subtleties that are presented by an analysis of the odds on a baseball game. 

But make no mistake - there is absolutely a way where fantasy baseball and betting on baseball can co-exist in the consciousness of a sportsbook customer, because one can find a common thread. Owning a fantasy team may not be your cup of tea, but that doesn't mean that you cannot use some aspects of that discipline to your advantage. 

First of all, a PPH baseball bettor would do himself (or herself, as it were) a tremendous service by finding a few fantasy baseball information sites and bookmarking them, with the intention of visiting them every day. Why? Because you would be hard-pressed to find a better way to get injury information. The whole backbone of fantasy baseball involves being available to determine the availability and condition of specific players, since they are inserted and/or removed from fantasy teams, in some cases on a daily basis. Let's face it - if a player is on a team and he comes up lame, he is utterly useless. 

That might not be the same case when it comes to making a bet on a baseball team, but it is critical that the sportsbook bettor at WagerHome.com has a good idea about who is available and who isn't. And the fantasy player has to know that stuff almost on an up-to-the-minute basis. Those who are playing a very serious game of fantasy baseball pay for a lot of this kind of information, like they might for handicapping selections. In other words, the sites that are involved HAVE to be good at it. And obviously player injuries are going to factor into your handicapping analysis. 

Another important component of the fantasy baseball formula that a baseball bettor can put to use is the plethora of statistics available that are outside of the mainstream, which are not generally discussed by most of the media. We're talking about things like wins above average, runs above replacement, park factors, and so on. Competitors like to get an edge for their fantasy teams, and some of this might afford you some insight if you wish to evaluate a pitcher before a start, or a position player's absence from the lineup. You may also be able to formulate some kind of run expectation for one team or both for a game, given the complete set of parameters. That would be useful if you are engaging in PPH baseball betting on totals. 

Remember another thing that is very important: when you look at a sportsbook like WagerHome.com, you are going to encounter a lot of betting options when it comes to baseball. These include not just the sides and totals, but also a menu of player propositions that might involve any number of things. Will a player get a hit? How many strikeouts might a pitcher have in any given start? And then there are the futures bets - over/unders on home runs, RBI's, wins, strikeouts and other statistical categories at the start of the season, or perhaps update at regular intervals. The evaluation of these probabilities is something that is very instrumental in the decisions that a fantasy baseball team owner would make, either before a draft or during the season. They can also be relevant to the analysis on the part of the baseball prop bettor in the PPH sportsbook. 

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