2009 World Series Betting Odds Still Available

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Tyrone Black
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2009 World Series Betting Odds

The Major League Baseball season may be winding down but 2009 World Series betting odds can still be had, at a steeper price of course.  

Actually, it's not that bad.

Consider that the heavily favored New York Yankees odds to win the 2009 World Series were listed with 9/5 odds.  In other words, for every $5 bet, you would win $9.  A $100 bet in this instance pays out $180 at Sportsbetting.com.   The Yankees are not only the favorites to win but have been hot of late.  Currently they are on a 6 game winning streak.

Atlanta at 30/1 odds is even hotter, winning their last 7 games.

The LA Dodgers had the second best record in the league after the Yankees at 93 wins and 64 losses.  They had odds of winning the 2009 World Series at 5/1.


Atlanta Braves 30/1

Boston Red Sox 9/2

Chicago White Sox 500/1

Colorado Rockies 12/1

Detroit Tigers 20/1

Florida Marlins 80/1

Los Angeles Angels 5/1

Los Angeles Dodgers 5/1

Minnesota Twins 30/1

New York Yankees 9/5

Philadelphia Phillies 5/1

San Francisco Giants 50/1

St Louis Cardinals 5/1

Texas Rangers 500/1


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Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com 

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