World Series of Poker Final Table Player Felony and Larceny Convictions

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David "Chino" Rheem may be the most recognized name at the final table of the 2008 World Series of Poker  where the poker community is concerned.  It seems he is also the most recognized name where the Broward County, Florida police are concerned as well.

Eight years ago in Broward County, Rheem was convicted of dealing in stolen property and burglary, both felonies, as well as larceny and possession of marijuana, according to the Sun Sentinel. He was sentenced to four months jail time and 30 months probation.

He also failed to appear in court on a 2003 misdemeanor trespassing charge in Hollywood, according to state criminal records, leading to a court order for his arrest. The warrant for his arrest remains active.

There is some speculation that Rheem could be arrested during the World Series of Poker final.  Rheem is already guaranteed at least $1 million from the world's biggest poker tournament.

Nine players have made it into November's final after rigorous play the last week.  The WSOP began in early June culminating with the main event.  This will be the first year that the final table will be played out live on ESPN (though with some tape delay) during the month of November. 

Rheem is just one of a handful of poker players with convictions that took part in this year's World Series of Poker, including child predators and a drug dealer who served time for selling cocaine to an undercover cop.
David Rheem beat out 6,835 players to make it to the final table where he will compete with eight others.
Chino has two wins in the Bellagio Friday-Saturday tournaments, a second place finish in a No-Limit even at the 2006 WSOP, and a fifth place finish in the most recent WSOP in a mixed hold'em event.
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Originally published July 16, 2008 2:56 pm EST