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Tired of losing? Start paying a sports betting consultant and start winning today! 

It sounds counterintuitive — paying someone else for sports betting picks to make more money? No way!

But pause for a second, consider the following, and keep this in mind: If you pay a sports betting consultant for insider picks, you will absolutely crush your bookmaker, end your losing ways, and make money, all while enjoying the very best sports betting action!

Here are two reasons why! 

1. You Suck. Sorry 

Harsh, I know, and if you go to click the “X” at the top right to spurn me, I get it, I really do. But here’s the thing: Honesty is always the best policy, and you, sorry to repeat it twice, suck.

While most of us don’t like to admit it, the majority of sports bettors lose, and when they lose, they lose hard. Without an understanding of closing line value (CLV), positive expected value (+EV), money management, or even the basics of the sports you’re wagering on, the culmination of those factors leads to utter destruction and defeat.

When you choose a sports betting consultant, on the other hand, you’re getting privileged access to someone that knows how to bet intelligently and strategically. Because, remember, betting is not flipping a coin and slapping down a cool hundred on Team A because they have the cuter uniforms.

It’s about honing in on a number (wager), determining if there is value, crushing that number, and managing risk from bet to bet. 

If you adhere to those principles, you’re going to be a profitable bettor, but it takes time to cultivate those skills, and as they say, time is money.

So why not save time and money to make money? Pay a professional sports betting consultant rather than doing all of the heavy lifting yourself! 

2. Sports Betting Is Investing, Not Gambling 

So, in a strictly denotative sense, sports betting isn’t investing, but drink the Kool-Aid with me here for a second and get inside the mind of a sports handicapper. 

If you approach sports betting with a gambler’s mindset, you are going to lose.

Let me repeat with emphasis: If you approach sports betting with a gambler’s mind, you are going to lose.

Unlike the layman gambler, a sports betting consultant approaches sports betting no different than a money manager approaches the financial markets. If the layman loads money into his brokerage, randomly acquires highly speculative and volatile derivatives without any rhyme or reason, his brokerage account is going to implode.

The same rules apply if you try to attack sports betting from a similar angle. If you’re loading up your online sportsbook account without a careful and diligent strategic mindset, you’re going to fail.

Just like investing in the markets, sports betting is a full-time job. Rather than treating it like a part-time money suck, choose a reliable sports betting consultant and watch your passive sports betting investment grow! 

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Is Bovada Legal to Bet With From Indiana?

Even with Indiana operating state-based apps, Bovada is accessible from the state.  The only difference between it and those other sites like DraftKings and FanDuel is that Bovada is not regulated or licensed in Indiana and it cannot offer an app.  Bovada is one of a number of sports betting sites that have chosen to continue operating in the Hoosier State. 

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Is BetUS Legal to Bet on From Mississippi?

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