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With the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of legalized sports betting in all 50 states, Oregon bettors will be anxious to place all their NFL bets.  Not so fast.  Only internationally licensed websites allow for bets to be placed online from the state of Oregon. Lawmakers have yet to amend their state laws in time for the 2018 NFL season.  Scroll down for more

When Will I Be Able to Bet the NFL From Oregon?

Gambling websites from around the globe have long accepted wagers on the NFL from the state of Oregon, however, the state could soon operate its own sportsbooks.

Oregon was one of a handful of states that was exempt from past prohibition but failed to take advantage.

The state's lottery controlled all aspects of sports betting, or should we say lack thereof.

"We have been interested and have been talking for some time now about reintroducing some level of sports-based play into our portfolio," said Matt Shelby, a public information manager for the Oregon Lottery.

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NFL Teams to See Most Action in Oregon

Multnomah County - This county includes Oregon's largest city Portland.  Nearly a quarter of the population claims the Seahawks as their favorite team while another 10% back the 49ers.  San Francisco, in particular, is expected to perform well in 2018.

Lane County - Eugene is included here.  20% of the population identifies as Seahawks fans while 15% claim to be 49ers fans as we move further south.

Northern Oregon - Outside of Portland, there are more native Oregonians who claim the Seahawks as their NFL team, some 30% on average, with 49ers typically seeing around 10% .

Southern Oregon - The Seahawks still see between 15% to 20% of the love here while the 49ers fan base is around 15%.  The Southwestern portion of the state witnesses a surge in 49ers fans versus that of the Seahawks, though the number really doesn't rise above 15% when factoring in all NFL teams.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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