Where Can I Place NFL Bets From Northern California

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With the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of legalized sports betting in all 50 states, Northern California bettors will be anxious to place all their NFL bets.  Not so fast.  Only internationally licensed websites allow for bets to be placed online from the state of Northern CA. Lawmakers have yet to amend their state laws in time for the 2018 NFL season.  Scroll down for more

When Will I Be Able to Bet the NFL From Northern California?

Gambling websites from around the globe have long accepted wagers on the NFL from the state of Northern California, however, the state could soon operate its own sportsbooks.

You will not be able to bet on the NFL from any of California's tribal owned casinos.  This is a result of lawmakers going on recess for the remainder of the year. 

There will be no time to pass a measure ahead of Super Bowl 53.  Additionally, the tribes and state officials have had a difficult time seeing eye to eye in attempts to legalized online poker over the past decade.  We here at Gambling911.com cannot imagine sports betting being any easier, though it is possible the same agendas won't get in the way.

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NFL Teams to See Most Action in Northern California

This one is obvious.  We are looking at 49ers and Raiders territory throughout the region.  The two teams on average account for better than 75% of the fan base in this region. 

Gamblers will back the Rams heavily in 2018 as well, especially since this team has dramatically improved.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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