Where Can I Bet on Aaron Rodgers Next Team for the 2023 Season?

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Sportsbetting.ag has released updated odds on where Aaron Rodgers will be playing Week 1 of the 2023-24 NFL season after Green Bay failed to advance into the playoffs in 2023. 

Next team, Green Bay or retirement are the betting options.

There was plenty of chatter following the 2022 Super Bowl that Rodger might not stick around Green Bay.  He seemed to be satisfied coming into the new season, but the team played poorly and allowed the Detroit Lions to win and move into the playoffs as the final game on the 2022 regular season slate.



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Aaron Rodgers Next Team 2023-24 Season

Will Aaron Rodgers announce retirement before Week 1 of next season?

Yes +170

No -250


Aaron Rodgers Next Team                   

Raiders             4-1

Colts                 5-1

Jets                  5-1

Panthers           7-1

Patriots            7-1

49ers                8-1

Saints               9-1

Commanders    9-1

Falcons             10-1

Buccaneers       12-1

Titans               14-1

Giants              33-1

Lions                33-1

Texans              33-1

Cardinals          50-1


Jets Starting QB Week 1                       

Derek Carr                    3-1

Jimmy Garoppolo          4-1

Aaron Rodgers              5-1

Mike White                   5-1

Lamar Jackson              7-1

Zach Wilson                  10-1

Bryce Young                  16-1

CJ Stroud                      16-1

Will Levis                      16-1

Tom Brady                    20-1

Baker Mayfield             33-1

Joe Flacco                     50-1


Raiders Starting QB Week 1                 

Tom Brady                    3-1

Jimmy Garoppolo          4-1

Aaron Rodgers              6-1

Anthony Richardson      9-1

CJ Stroud                      10-1

Jarrett Stidham             10-1

Will Levis                      10-1

Bryce Young                  11-1

Lamar Jackson              12-1

Matt Ryan                    12-1

Baker Mayfield             14-1

Previous Odds on Where Can I Bet Aaron Rodgers Next Team 2022-23?

“To the men I got to share the QB room with everyday,” Rodgers said on this Instagram, “you guys made every day so much fun and I’m so thankful for the daily laughs and stress relief you brought me every week of the year.”

The message could be interpretted to mean he's moving on. 

Broncos           +150

49ers               +500

Steelers           +600

Bucs                +700

Colts                +750

Saints              +1000

Dolphins          +1200

Raiders            +1200

Browns            +1600

Titans              +1600

Eagles              +2000

Seahawks        +2500

Bears               +3300

Ravens            +3300

Vikings             +3300

Patriots           +5000

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