Where Can I Bet the Home Run Derby From My State?

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Ean Lamb
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US states offering mobile sports wagering do have sites that offer betting on the MLB Home Run Derby, including the highly sought out props.  If you do not live in one of these states, BetOnline offers a juicy array of Home Run Derby prop bets.


State-Based Apps (Remote Registration Permitted)

  • New Jersey (BetOnline not available)
  • Pennsylvania (BetOnline not available)
  • Michigan
  • Virginia
  • New Hampshire
  • West Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Colorado

State-Based Apps (In-Person Registration Required)

  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Nevada (BetOnline not available)

State-Based Apps (Home Run Derby Odds Not Yet Offered)

  • Oregon
  • Washington, DC

2021 Home Run Derby Odds

Odds Courtesy of BetOnline

Shohei Ohtani             +250    (5/2)   

Joey Gallo                    +500    (5/1)

Pete Alonso                 +500    (5/1)

Matt Olson                  +600    (6/1)

Trevor Story                +700    (7/1)

Salvador Perez            +750    (15/2)

Juan Soto                    +850    (17/2)

Trey Mancini               +900    (9/1)

More Great Home Run Derby Prop Bets

Home Run Derby - League of Winner



Home Run Derby - Least HR's in Round 1

Over 12½ HRs-150

Under 12½ HRs+120

Home Run Derby - Longest HR in Contest

Over 505½ Feet-155

Under 505½ Feet+125

Home Run Derby - Longest HR in Round 1

Shohei Ohtani+275

Joey Gallo+350

Trevor Story+500

Pete Alonso+550

Matt Olson+650

Juan Soto+700

Salvador Perez+700

Trey Mancini+800

Home Run Derby - Most HRs in Round 1

Over 24 HRs-155

Under 24 HRs+125

Home Run Derby - Odds to Win

Shohei Ohtani+250

Joey Gallo+385

Pete Alonso+500

Matt Olson+600

Trevor Story+800

Juan Soto+900

Salvador Perez+900

Trey Mancini+950

Home Run Derby - Round 1 Matchup

Shohei Ohtani-215

Juan Soto+175

Home Run Derby - Round 1 Matchup

Joey Gallo-165

Trevor Story+135

Home Run Derby - Round 1 Matchup

Matt Olson-175

Trey Mancini+145

Home Run Derby - Round 1 Matchup

Pete Alonso-175

Salvador Perez+145

Home Run Derby - Swinging Side of Winner



Home Run Derby - To Reach Finals

Shohei Ohtani+120

Pete Alonso+225

Salvador Perez+375

Juan Soto+450

Home Run Derby - To Reach Finals

Joey Gallo+175

Matt Olson+210

Trevor Story+275

Trey Mancini+400

Quirky Prop

This prop is being offered up by DraftKings (available only in CO, NJ, PA, IL, IN, TN, MI, WV, IA, VA, NH)

This is a quirky prop for Monday night’s home run derby as the field has 4 left-handed and 4 right-handed hitters. If you want to place a bet on a left-handed slugger to win, the odds are -155, while for a right-handed slugger its at +120. It doesn’t come as a surprise to see lefties as the favorite with Ohtani and Gallo having the best odds to win the entire derby.

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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