Where Can I Bet Sports From My Mobile Phone in Memphis?

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You are able to bet sports from your mobile phone in and around the Memphis area by accessing several dozen internationally-licensed online gambling websites, many of which have been around for nearly 20 years now.

Is it Legal?

The US Supreme Court ruled to abolish sports betting prohibition in May 2018, thus paving the way for states to enact their own laws allowing the activity, mainly through amendments.

Has My State Changed Its Laws?

Tennessee has not!  But who cares!  Mississippi has! And luckily for those of you in Memphis and neighboring towns, you're right on the Mississippi border.  Even better, the casino town of Tunica now has sports books.  Online gambling will be offered by these sports books, just not outside their properties (i.e. you will be able to bet from the Gold Strike garage but not up the street or from anywhere else in Mississippi or beyond).  Mississippi residents, and most likely those living in Tennessee, will likely only be able to wager sports online via international websites.

Any Disadvantages I Should Know About?

The Tunica books are going all-in and it's an exciting time.  Since Mississippi confirmed its decision to allow sports betting, traffic from this region to the Gambling911.com website suddenly surged into the top five of all regional traffic worldwide thanks to our extended focus on the region.  EVERYBODY WANTS TO BET SPORTS!!!

Casinos are required to report all player winnings to the IRS.  While gamblers are encouraged to report their taxes, some find the reporting and documentation process intrusive and prefer to keep this information between themselves and their accountants. 

Unfavorable odds for local teams will likely become an issue. 

Will I be Able to Place Bets Online With These Casinos?

The answer is YES but Mississippi has already opted to maintain any mobile wagering within the desigated establishments where the activity is being offered.  This includes in hotel rooms, within the restaurant facilities, at the swimming pool, in the parking garage (as mentioned above), just not up the street at, say, Checkers Drive Thru just around the block from the Tunica casinos or the nearby Best Western. 

What Are My Options for Placing Bets at a Local Sports Book?

Tunica, and there should be plenty of options here.  Do maintain your online sports betting account or open one as you'll be sure to find options not available in this casino hub.  Surprisingly, the Gold Strike does suggest it will be offering LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, assuming that occurs when they go online.  Otherwise, the clerks will be pulling their hair out. 

Legalized sports betting in the state of Tennessee could happen some time after the 2019 Super Bowl but there are still a long ways to go on this front.

Understand Line Shopping

It goes without saying that websites based outside of Memphis and Tunica will offer the better lines on local teams such as the Predators in the NHL and your beloved Titans, even the Grizzlies when they start getting good.  Never settle for just one!

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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