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You can bet sports online from all 50 states, but only a few have begun licencing sportsbooks for retail betting. Scroll down to find your state in alphabetical order.



(Odds of Passage are for 2019 only)

Alabama - HB 315 was introduced on April 2, 2019.  Retail and mobile proposed.  Odds of passage 3/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Alaska - No bills introduced - Offshore Gambling Only

Arizona - A February bill would prohibit sports betting in two of the state's most populous countries, Maricopa (Phoenix) and Pinal.  The Tribes would oversee sports betting.  Odds of passage 4/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Arkansas - On Nov. 6, 2018, Arkansas voters approved 'Issue 4,' a constitutional amendment that will bring expanded gambling -- including sports betting -- to four counties in the state.  There is no specific mention of mobile betting as part of this legislation and sportsbooks are not likely to be open at the start of the College Football season.  Even if online gambling is permitted, current legislation includes language that would require bets on the Hogs to be made in person.  Offshore Gambling Only

California - Offshore Gambling Only

Colorado - House Bill 1327 would put a measure on the ballot in November asking voters to approve a 10 percent tax on sports betting proceeds through licensed casinos in the state.  This must be approved by the end of the state legislative session May 3.  Odds of passage 3/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Connecticut - HB 7331 was introduced in Jan 2019 but will need to overcome major hurdles as both the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribal claim exclusive rights to sports betting.  When it comes to legalized gambling in the United States, the Tribes almost always win.  If Connecticut does find that sports betting is not the same as casino gambling, this could prove precedent setting.  The state would essentially consider sports betting not to be a form of gambling. Odds of passage 2/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Delaware - Retail sportsbooks are available in-state at three casinos but with limited bet options.  The state itself does not offer online gambling sites.  Offshore Gambling Only

District of Columbia (Washington DC) - The DC City Council passed the Sports Wagering Lottery Amendment Act of 2018 on Dec 18, 2018. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed it into law on Jan 23, 2019.  Sports betting is expected to be available at various establishments throughout DC including arenas. Offshore Gambling Only

Florida - Offshore Gambling Only

Georgia - Offshore Gambling Only

Hawaii - Offshore Gambling Only

Idaho - Offshore Gambling Only

Illinois - The state is actively considering four potential models including full service retail and online statewide, limited mobile to casino establishments, a measure that includes a controversial integrity fee and a model that provides the state lottery with full control. In-person registration is also on the table regardless of which model is ultimately accepted.  Illinois universities oppose online sports gambling, however, they could request a compromise not to permit betting on in-state colleges. Odds of passage 5/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Indiana - SB 552 passed in both the House and Senate and awaits signature from the Governor.  Governor Eric Holcomb is expected to sign the bill, which includes mobile. Odds of passage 8/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Iowa - Legislation requires in-person sign-up for sports betting during the first year-and-a-half, after which remote registration can be reviewed.  That state's governor is still mulling over whether to allow sports gambling.  Odds of passage 8/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Kansas - Offshore Gambling Only

Kentucky - HB 175 would allow for sports betting at one of the state’s horse racing tracks or the Kentucky Speedway, and mobile betting would require downloading the app at one of the tracks.  The weird Kentucky legislative period ended March 29th for the year. Budget sessions, that include language related to sports betting, can be called by the governor.   Odds of passage 4/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Louisiana - SB 153 was introduced on Mar 27, 2019 and would require approval from Louisiana voters in local parish voting on Oct 12, 2019.  Like in Mississippi, mobile would only be allowed in gambling establishments.

Maine - From the Press Herald: On Friday April 26, representatives of Maine’s two casinos as well as off-track betting parlors and the harness racing industry spoke in favor of moving forward – albeit judiciously – with legalized sports betting in the state.  There was little opposition.  Some bills would require wagers to be placed in physical, “bricks and mortar” locations, while other measures would also allow Mainers to make bets online. Another proposal would only allow Maine’s federally recognized Indian tribes to operate sports betting facilities.  Odds of passage 6/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Maryland - A ballot referendum process is necessary to approve sports betting in the state with the next earliest ballot in 2020.  The state lottery could be an exception.Offshore Gambling Only

Massachusetts - Six bills were introduced, including one by the Governor himself. Offshore Gambling Only

Michigan - Close but no cigar.  The state's outgoing Governor vetoed a bill that landed on his desk on his way out the door. Offshore Gambling Only

Minnesota - Current legislation has the tribes overseeing sports betting in the state and no mobile outside wagering establishments. Offshore Gambling Only

Mississippi - Sportsbooks located at casinos in Tunica and Biloxi.  No mobile outside these establishments. Offshore Gambling Only 

Missouri - The legislative session for 2019 will end May 17.  Offshore Gambling Only

Montana - The state is close to offering sportsbooks in taverns and only requires the Governor's signature.  The Senate approved two bills: SB 330 and HB 725.  Both went to Governor Steve Bullock’s desk and he was expected to sign one of them.  He had ten days to do so or veto.  The bills automatically become law if he fails to act.  But mobile will only be available at the taverns themselves.  Offshore Gambling Only

Nebraska - Offshore Gambling Only

Nevada - The state has long allowed sports betting in numerous casinos.  Mobile is also permitted but one drawback is that individuals must register in person (not remotely).

New Hampshire - While a bill was introduced in the state, New Hampshire has a history of acting slowly.  A lottery bill took ten years to pass.  The 2019 legislative sessions will conclude the end of June so time is limited.  Odds of passage 4/10 Offshore Gambling Only

New Jersey - The state offers a full slate of mobile and retail sports betting but does not allow betting on state college teams, including a good Seton Hall College Basketball program.  Deputy Attorney General Anthony Strangia has made it clear he does not want offshore sportsbooks promoting their brands in New Jersey.  Licensed affililates are also prevented from promoting NJ sites along offshore bookmakers.

New Mexico - The Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel (Bernalillo, NM) formed a partnership with USBookmaking.  Online not available.

New York - Sports betting has been approved, however, there is opposition to mobile wagering at this time.  As such, the activity will only be available in the state's four casinos for the foreseeable future.   Offshore Gambling Only

North Carolina - Current bills restrict sports betting to the state's tribal casinos, which are not easily accessible to most residents. Offshore Gambling Only

North Dakota - Offshore Gambling Only

Ohio -  SB 111 was introduced in March.  The legislative session in this state lasts longer than most so the bill does stand a better chance of passage.  With that said, the House and Senate have been clashing over legislation. Odds of passage 4/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Oklahoma - Offshore Gambling Only

Oregon - They were allowed to offer sports betting even prior to the US Supreme Court ruling to abolish decades of prohibition.  Oregon did a poor job of capitalizing, and it's hard to see things change moving forward.  The state will use SB Tech exclusively.  One interesting aspect of sports betting in Oregon will be that the activity could be permitted in bars and convenience stores.  The product itself will probably have a tough time competing with offshore enterprises.  If anything, an inferior product enjoying wide saturation could drive business offshore.  The offshore platform is likely to be available in time for the 2019 NFL.  Offshore Gambling Only

Pennsylvania -  Retail books here are already taking bets and coming online shortly.  Locations include Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and the Poconos as well as Harrisburg.

Rhode Island - The state offers sportsbooks from two casinos and plans to debut a mobile product later in the year. Offshore Gambling Only

South Carolina - Offshore Gambling Only

Tennessee - Somewhat shockingly, Tennessee was within a signature of becoming a unique model in the US sports betting landscape - mobile only.  The only thing standing in the way was Tennessee's Governor, who previously declared he was against legalization.  Odds of passage 7/10 Offshore Gambling Only

Texas - Offshore Gambling Only

Utah - Offshore Gambling Only

Vermont - Unique in that they were the first state to offer a measure that would permit sports betting on credit.  Currently legislation is in the form of a study. Offshore Gambling Only

Virginia - Offshore Gambling Only

Washington - Legislation limits to tribal casinos only.  No mobile.

West Virginia - Does offer sportsbooks in its five casinos.  So far, the state's mobile offering has been a complete flop.  Offshore Gambling Available

Wisconsin - Offshore Gambling Only

Wyoming - Offshore Gambling Only

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com


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