What's the Payout if I Bet Tiger Woods Wins Another Majors in 2019?

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C Costigan
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Tiger Woods win at this year's Masters is likely to result in a record number of people betting the upcoming PGA Championship.  Sportsbooks are looking to capitalize early with BetOnline offering odds on how many more Majors Tiger wins in 2019.


Dave Mason of BetOnline released the odds on Monday.

One -275 - The payout would be $10 for every $27.50 bet with that $27.50 refunded just as long as Tiger wins no more Majors beyond the Masters in 2019.

Two +275 - This includes the Masters win, therefore Tiger need only win one more Majors in 2019 for a payout of $27.50 on every $10 bet.

Three +1800 - Sure he will need to be Superman, but the payout is sweet at $180 for every $10 bet.

Four +8000 - Probably not going to happen, but you'll win $800 for every $10 bet if it does.

Woods is the only professional golfer to win four majors in a row. He finally came from behind in a major championship to win the 2019 Masters.

His win represented the single biggest futures loss for bookmakers ever.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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