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Playing table games at brick-and-mortar casino resorts is an enthralling experience/. However, now that online casinos have launched their gambling sites with live dealers, you can play the same real money casino games from your home, work and on the go. Many years ago, people had to take off of work, and plan a vacation to have the chance to play live dealer casino games for real money.  These days, it is much more straightforward to get the classic Las Vegas experience directly from your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer.  It doesn't matter where you are in the world; you can play traditional casino games against live dealers in real-time.

Over the past few years, live dealer casino games like casino hold’em, baccarat, roulette, craps, and blackjack and increased a great deal in popularity. Playing a table game against a dealer online is very straightforward.  After you start your online casino account and put funds in, you can quickly head to the live casino tab, and you will see a list of table games available.

What Is The State of Live Casino Games in 2019?

Well, there have been a lot of technological advancements over the years. When real money gambling sites first launched live casino games, they were only available on laptop and desktop computers.  In the beginning, there were only a few variations of blackjack, baccarat, craps, and blackjack.  Now,  the live casinos have evolved to the point where you can play even more variations like casino hold'em, Spanish 21 blackjack, baccarat squeeze, and 3 card poker.

That' that all, there are several other types of titles ( sub-genres of each game) you can play at different real money casinos that have live dealers. For example, enjoy yourself playing Super 6, Live Ultimate Texas Hold'em, VIP Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, VIP Blackjack, Slingshot Auto Roulette, Live Hi-Lo, Live Dealer Sic Bo, Live Dealer Lottery, Live Double Ball Roulette, Live French Roulette, , baccarat insurance, live dealer craps, blackjack party, Diamond VIP blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Belangkai, and Fantan.

Ultimately, there are some differences between playing (live casino games online) against live dealers versus going to brick-and-mortar casino resorts. However, these differences are not anything significant enough to ruin your playing experience and have an effect on your bankroll. For some live dealer table games, you will see there are no maximum players allowed at the table. More specifically, this happens in roulette and baccarat games.  Having said that, the live blackjack tables usually do not allow more than eight players at a time.  Remember, this different from each of the online casino apps.

Naturally, these flaws are nothing when you think about the leaps and bounds software developers have made with technology.  With live casino games, you can even chat with the dealer and the other players at the table. People love the fact that they still can socialize with the other players and the dealers just like they are at their local casino resort. 

Without a doubt, these games give you almost the same opportunity to experience Las Vegas gambling action on the go, from the office, or at your home.   Imagine winning a big hand in blackjack or getting a huge win spinning the wheel playing roulette. As you imagine your victory, you can celebrate with the other players and the dealers in real-time.   The live dealer technology is a significant advancement when thinking about playing video table games.  Most of the time with video table games, a player can feel very alone and isolated.    With a Las Vegas-style dealer, you can still feel as if you are sitting in a brick-and-mortar casino resort to the point where you can share your emotions. Sharing real emotions with other people is an experience no computer program can replicate.

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