What Are The Odds to Win - Women's Freeski Big Air Final Run 3 - Freestyle Skiing - Beijing Olympics

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Mary Montgomery
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Women's Freeski Big Air Final Run 3 - Freestyle Skiing betting odds had Ailing Gu as a slight favorite at -130.  Tess Ledeux had the next shortest odds at +250.

Gu is a Chinese-American freestyle skier in halfpipe, slopestyle, and big air events who has competed for China since 2019. She also has a career as a fashion model.  In 2021 Gu became the first woman to land a forward double cork 1440.

Gu participated at the FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboarding World Championships 2021, winning two gold medals in Freeski Halfpipe and Freeski Slopestyle. Gu became the first freeskier to win two golds at the FIS Freeski World Championship. She also won a bronze medal in Freeski Big Air.

Representing France, Ledeux has earned four gold medals at the Winter X Games, three in big air and one in slopestyle.


Rot Winter Olympics 2022 - Freestyle Skiing Big Air Women Moneyline
50141 Ailing Gu     -130
50142 Tess Ledeux     +250
50143 Mathilde Gremaud     +900
50144 Kelly Sildaru     +1200
50145 Sarah Hoefflin     +2200
50146 Anastasia Tatalina     +2500
50147 Elena Gaskell     +2800
50148 Johanne Killi     +2800
50149 Olivia Asselin     +3300
50150 Megan Oldham     +3300
50151 Isabel Atkin     +5000
50152 Giulia Tanno     +6500
50153 Sandra Eie     +6500
50154 Maggie Voisin     +6500
50155 Anni Karava     +7500
50156 Silvia Bertagna     +8000

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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