What Are The Odds to Win - Short Track Women 500m - Speed Skating - Beijing Olympics

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Ean Lamb
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Suzanne Schulting, Arianna Fontana  and Kim Boutin are favorites to win the Short Track Women 500m event in speed skating at this year's Beijing Winter Olympics.

In short track, skaters race counterclockwise around a 111.12-meter oval-shaped ice track. The track is roughly one-fourth the size of that used in long track speed skating.

Suzanne Schulting +220 is a Dutch short track speed skater who is also active as a long track speed skater. At the 2018 Winter Olympics she won Netherlands' first ever gold medal in short track speed skating and became one of the youngest ever Dutch Winter Olympic champions.

Arianna Fontana  +275 is an Italian short track speed skater, who has won nine Olympic medals, among these a gold in the 500m short track at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Kim Boutin +275 is a Canadian short track speed skater. Boutin won silver in the 1,000 m and bronze in the 500 m and 1,500 m events at the 2018 Winter Olympics at Pyeonchang, Korea.



Rot Winter Olympics 2022 ~ Short Track Women 500m Moneyline
8301 Suzanne Schulting     +220
8302 Arianna Fontana     +275
8303 Kim Boutin     +275
8304 Min Jeong Choi     +1200
8305 Kexin Fan     +1600
8306 Xandra Velzeboer     +1600
8307 Chunyu Qu     +1600
8308 Selma Poutsma     +2500
8309 Yuting Zhang     +2800
8310 Petra Jaszapati     +2800
8311 Florence Brunelle     +3300
8312 Martina Valcepina     +3300
8313 Kristen Santos     +3300
8314 Sofia Prosvirnova     +4000
8315 Elena Seregina     +5000
8316 Sumire Kikuchi     +5000
8317 Alyson Charles     +6500
8318 Maame Biney     +6500
8319 Hanne Desmet     +6500
8320 Arianna Valcepina     +8000

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