What Are The Odds to Win - Women's 15km Individual - Biathlon - Beijing Olympics

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Mary Montgomery
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The Women's 15km Individual Biathlon betting odds at the Beijing Olympics are quite competitive with four contenders promising a payout of between $40 and $55 for every $10 bet.

Marte Olsbu Røiseland (4-1)  

Røiseland is technically the favorite offering a payout potential of $40 on every $10 bet or $400 for every $100 bet. She represents Norway and is a silver medal winner in the Winter Olympics. Røiseland has competed in the Biathlon World Cup since the 2012–13 World Cup season and has represented Norway at several Biathlon World Championships.

Hanna Öberg (5.5-1)

Öberg represents Sweden.  In 2017 she won the IBU Female Rookie of the Year Award for her World Cup debut season.

Dorothea Wierer (5.5-1) 

Wierer is an Italian biathlete competing in the Biathlon World Cup.  Together with Karin Oberhofer, Dominik Windisch and Lukas Hofer she won a bronze medal in the Mixed relay at the 2014 Winter Olympics, in Sochi, Russia.

Elvira Öberg (5.5-1)  

Öberg won three gold medals in the youth category at the 2018 Biathlon Junior World Championships in Otepää; in the 10 km individual, the 3 × 6 km relay and the 6 km sprint respectively.


Rot Winter Olympics 2022 15km Individual Women Outright Moneyline
9001 Marte Olsbu Roiseland     +400
9002 Hanna Oeberg     +550
9003 Dorothea Wierer     +550
9004 Elvira Oeberg     +550
9005 Dzinara Alimbekava     +1200
9006 Lisa Theresa Hauser     +1200
9007 Marketa Davidova     +1400
9008 Justine Braisaz Bouchet     +1400
9009 Julia Simon     +1800
9010 Tiril Eckhoff     +2200
9011 Anais Chevalier Bouchet     +2200
9012 Hanna Sola     +3000
9013 Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold     +3000
9014 Franziska Preuss     +3000
9015 Denise Herrmann     +3000

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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