What Are The Odds to Win - Alpine Skiing Men - Super G - Winter Olympics Beijing

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Alistair Prescott
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Odds to win the Men's Alpine Skiing Super G can be found below.  Claim up to $2500 in generous bonus money from our friends at BetUS.


Along with the faster downhill, Super G Alpine Skiing is regarded as a "speed" event, in contrast to the technical events giant slalom and slalom.  A super-G course consists of widely set gates that racers must pass through.  The turns are more frequent than with downhill while the speeds are higher than the giant slalom.

Unlike this year's Men's Alpine Downhill event where there are no clear favorites, this one has Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and Marco Odermatt as co-favorites with nobody else anywhere near.

Both pay out between $150 and $200 on a $100 bet depending on the book.

Klide is a Norwegian World Cup alpine ski racer. He competes in four events, with a main focus on super-G and downhill.  Kilde hails from Bærum and represents the sports club Lommedalens IL.

"Kilde is a freak of nature," Norway's physical trainer Daniel Tangen said. "He dominates physical training. He's the perfect athlete.

"He is incredibly strong in every aspect. His endurance and power ... is beyond me."

Odermatt is a Swiss World Cup alpine ski racer. He races in all alpine disciplines and specializes in giant slalom. Odermatt competed for Switzerland at two Junior World Championships and two World Championships.

He is considered "the new guy" and "next big thing in skiing".

“For sure a medal will be the goal,” Odermatt said, but is aiming higher to win the overall World Cup title after finishing second behind Alexis Pinturault last year.

Odermatt’s racing style in the speed events of super-G and downhill is considered to be a bit more unconventional.

“He’s still developing as a skier,” American racer Ryan Cochran-Siegle said. “Technically he is able to put a lot of risk out there, which other guys, when they ski that way, it usually doesn’t pay off. But for him, he seems to be agile enough to kind of sneak through.”


49101 Aleksander Aamodt Kilde     +150
49102 Marco Odermatt     +200
49103 Vincent Kriechmayr     +1000
49104 Matthias Mayer     +1000
49105 Beat Feuz     +1600
49106 Dominik Paris     +1600
49107 Alexis Pinturault     +2500
49108 Ryan Cochran Siegle     +3300
49109 Max Franz     +3300
49110 Christof Innerhofer     +3300
49111 Raphael Haaser     +3300
49112 Stefan Rogentin     +4000
49113 Matthieu Bailet     +5000
49114 James Crawford     +5000
49115 Romed Baumann     +5000
49116 Kjetil Jansrud     +5000
49117 Travis Ganong     +6500
49118 Andreas Sander     +6500
49119 Gino Caviezel     +8000
49120 Adrian Smiseth Sejersted     +10000
49121 Johan Clarey     +10000
49122 Josef Ferstl     +10000

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com

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