What Are The Odds to Win - Men's 5000m - Speed Skating - Beijing Olympics

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Tony Caliente
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Nils Van der Poel is the -500 favorite to win the Speed Skating 5000m Men's Outright.

Van der Poel is a Swedish speed skater who is the current world record holder and reigning world champion in the 5,000 m and 10,000 m events.

He became world champion at 5000 meters event at the World Championship on 11 February 2021, the first medal for Sweden in 38 years, and the first gold in 48 years.Three days later he also won the 10,000 meters event in a new world record.

Rot Winter Olympics 2022 - Speed Skating 5000m Men Outright Moneyline
4971 Nils Van der Poel     -500
4972 Patrick Roest     +700
4973 Jorrit Bergsma     +1200
4974 Ted Jan Bloemen     +1400
4975 Sven Kramer     +1800
4976 Davide Ghiotto     +2200
4977 Hallgeir Engebraten     +4000
4978 Sergey Trofimov     +5000
4979 Bart Swings     +5000
4980 Aleksandr Rumyantsev     +6500
4981 Ruslan Zakharov     +6500
4982 Patrick Beckert     +10000
4983 Seitaro Ichinohe     +10000
4985 Michele Malfatti     +10000
4986 Andrea Giovannini     +10000
4987 Ethan Cepuran     +10000

- Tony Caliente, Gambling911.com

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